The name WOODRUFF is spelled many ways-WOODOVE-WOODRUFFE-WOODROOFE-WOODROW and various other ways. The name probably originates with the activities of the early members of the Family in England. Wood-reeve or sort of a Forrest Warden. There is also a herb called "Sweet Woodruff" (asperula odorata). It was used in Germany to flavor May wine and known there as waldmeister (wood master). In England it was often used to stuff mattresses, because of its sweet aroma.

Located in the Counties of York and Derby in England was;

I. WOODROVE, BRYAN, of Aulerson in Pickering Lithe. Married Bridgett Elton, daughter of Sir Hugh Elton (Knight).


1. Edward

2. John, married Grace Britton, daughter of Mr. Britton.

3. Richard, married a daughter of Mr. Poucher.

II. WOODROVE, EDWARD, married Lucy Bigod, daughter of Sir Rafe Bigod of Sethrington.


1. James

2. Margaret, married Mr. Thomas Brounchan

3. Jane, married Wm Hilton Esq.

4. Barbara, married Thomas Middleton

5. Agnes, married John Hebberwait

III. WOODROVE, JAMES, married Ellenor Bruce, daughter of Sir William Bruce.


1. Oliver

2. Edward, married Diones Rotherford, daughter of Mr. John Rotherford.

3. Chris, married Elizabeth Ashton, daughter of Mr. Thomas Ashton.

IV. WOODROVE OLIVER Esq. of Aulerson married Christian St. Quinton, daughter of Sir William St. Quinton.


1. Richard

2. Christain, married Mr. Thomas Bridgeville.

3. Isabel, married Mr. Thomas Broughe Esq. of Hackford.

4. Winefred, married Mr. Godfrey Leverett.

V. WOODROVE, RICHARD Esq., of Woolley, living in 1378. Married Mabel Pudsy, daughter of Hugh Pudsy Esq. of Barford.


1. John

2. Richard, married Alice Dransfield, daughter of John Dransfield Esq. of West Bretton.

3. Rafe, married Dorothy Crestacre, daughter of John Crestacre Esq. of Barnbrough.

4. Robert, married Margaret Everingham, daughter of Henry Everingham Esq. of Barnbrough.

5. Henry, married Ursula Brailsford, daughter of Sir Wm Brailesford.

VI. WOODROVE, JOHN Esq., of Wolley, was Receiver of Wakefield. He had lands in Wolley, near Wakefield, York. His will dated in the twentyfirst year of the reign of Richard II (1397) expressed the desire that he be buried in the churchyard at Normantown. He married Mary Langfield, daughter of Mr. Lanfield.


1. Christopher

2. Richard, never married.

3. John, married Joyce Burton, daughter of Sir John Burton.

4. Thomas, lived in Clossop. Married the daughter of Sir Rafe Lanfield (Knight) and their issue was John Woodrove, from which descended the family of Woodrove in Derbyshire.

VII. WOODROVE, CHRISTOPHER Esq., of Wolley married Alice Marfield, daughter of Mr. Marfield Esq.


1. Oliver, son and heir. Died 20-Nov-1420.

2. John

3. Elizabeth, married 1440, James Cressacre of Bsrborough.

4. Ann, married John Wentworth.

5. Mary, married Thomas Wheatly.

VIII. WOODROVE, JOHN, of Wooley, born 1416. Was heir to his Uncle Oliver. Married Elizabeth Isabelle Hammerton, daughter of Lawerence Hammerton of Hammerton in Craven, York and Isabel Tempest, daughter of Sir John Tempest of Bracewell, whose father was Sir Peter Tempest (Knight) and was one of the heroes of Agincourt.


1. Richard

IX. WOODROFFE, SIR RICHARD (Knight). Died 1522. Was High Sheriff of York-1510-1518.

Married #1. Jane Wortley, daughter of Sir Richard Wortley (Knight of Wortley).

Married #2 Beatrix Fitz Williams, daughter of Thomas Fitz Williams of Mabblethrope, Lincoln.

Issue of Marriage #1:

1. Elizabeth married Matthew Wentworth of West Bretton, York. Will dated 10-Nov and died 12-Nov-1505. Ancestor of Sir Thomas Wentworth (created Baronet-1664)

2. James Lanley, will made and died-1537.

Issue of Marriage #2;

3. Thomas, son and heir. Will dated-1549. Married Elizabeth Waterson, daughter of Robert Waterson of Walton, York.

4. James

5. Beatrix, married John D. Wentworth, son of Thomas Wentworth of Woodhouse, York. Born 1481-Died Dec. 1548, son of Wm Wentworth and Isabel Fitzwilliam (daughter of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, Knight) of Aldwark. Thomas Wentworth was very rich and called "Golden Thomas'. Paid a fine to be excused from being created Knight of the Bath. In 1528, he obtained the license to wear the Bonnent and be covered in the King's presence. Ancestor of Sir George Armytage (Hart) and present Wentworth's of Woolley.

X. WOODROFFE, JAMES, settled in Ufcomb County, Devonshire. Married Katherine Wombwell, daughter of Roger Wombwell Esq.


1. James, Mayor of-Barnstable. Married #1. a daughter of Pollard Langley. #2. Jone Worth, daughter of Privel Worth.

2. John

XI. WOODROFFE, JOHN of Ufcombe, Devonshire. Married (wife unknown)


1. David (only child of record)

XII. WOODROFFE, DAVID, died 25-Sept-1572. Was a citizen of London. Alderman and Sheriff in 1554 (the year Lady Jane Grey was beheaded). Married Elizabeth Hill, daughter of John Hill (Gentleman of London) whose ancestors were from North.


1. Sir Nicholas, died 18-May-1598, buried at Scale. He was Lord Mayor of London1579. Married Grisalda Kirton.

2. Robert born 1562

XIII. WOODROFFE, ROBERT, born 1562. Living in London in 1604. Was a wool merchant of great wealth. Married Dronysia Cathorpe, daughter and heir of Edward Cathorpe. She was a niece of Sir Martin Cathorpe, Lord Mayor of London-1588.


1. Nicholas, born 1584.

2. Edmund, born 1585. Married Mary Humfrey of Yorkshire.

3. William, born 1587. Married Mary (Sir name unknown).

4. David

5. Elizabeth, born 1590

6. Ursula, born 1593.

7. Grissell, born 1596.

XIV. WOODROFFE, SIR DAVID, born 1589. Lived Poyle. Was made Knight in 1603. In the State Paper Office there is a bond of David Woodruff and others in 1637, petitioning for free liberty to trade in London. Married Lettice Duncombe, daughter of George Duncombe of Weston in Surrey County.


1. Matthew

2. Thomas

3. David

4. George

5. Robert

6. Nicholas and 6 daughters.

The Old Church at Farmington Designed and Built by JUDAH WOODRUFF. Photograph by and courtesy of Richard D. Butterfield, F.A.I.A., Farmington, (Son of Joseph, grandson of John & Great Grandson of Mathew XV.)

Served as lst Lt. in the French-Indian War, and was at the battle of Ticonderoga. Was Sgt. in Capt. Wadsworth Co. in the Rev. War, in the 12th Conn. Militia. Between wars, he was a builder, designing and building this church.

XV. WOODRUFF, MATHEW, born about 1612 in England. There is no definite proof that this is indeed the same MATHEW named as the son of Sir David Woodruff, but is generally accepted as true. Matthew was a defendant in a law-suit in Hartford in June of 1643. He bought "his homestead" in February of 1653 in Farmington, Conn. He was made a Freeman 21-May-1657 at Hartford. Again he was listed as a Freeman by the General Court in Farmington on 12-Oct1669. He served as constable 8-Mar-1672/73. His wife was Hannah. It is unknown what her surname was, there was indication that it was Orton and again Pratt, but there has been no proof. The Farmington Church Records on 2-Apr-1654 "Hannah Woodruff, the wife of MATHEW Woodruff and her daughter Hannah Woodruff, aged about 5 1/2 years and Elizabeth Woodruff about the age of 2 years, 5 months were joined to the church". 5-Nov-1654 "Mary Woodruff, daughter of (Hannah) Woodruff was baptised". 16-May-1658 "the children of Hannah Woodruff were baptised - John, 15 years and upward, MATHEW in his 12th year of his life". MATUEW, himself was joined to the church, 1-Mar-l672. Died in Sept of 1682. ("Woodruff Genealogy" by Susan Woodruff Abbott.) His will is in Hartford Probate Court. His son Samuel was administrator, Filed 5-Sept-1682. Settled 13-Dec-1682.


1. John, Baptised 16-May-1658. Born in 1643. Married Mary Winchell, daughter of Robert Winchell of Windsor, Conn. Died May of 1692 in Farmington, Conn.

2. Mathew

3. Hannah, Baptised 2-Apr-l654. Born 1650. Married Richard Seymour, son of Richard and Mercy (Ruscoe) Seymour. Died l6-Sept-17l2 in Farmington, Conn.

4. Elizabeth, Baptised 2-Apr-1654. Born 1651. Married 29-Oct-1678, John Broughton of Northhampton, Mass., son of John and Hannah (Bascom) Broughton.

5. Mary, Baptised 5-Nov-1654. Died young.

6. Samuel, born 26-Aug-1661, Fartnington, Conn. Married Rebecca Clark in February of 1685/86, daughter of John and Rebecca (Marvin) Clark of Farmington. Died 8-Jan-1742, Southington, Conn.

XVI. WOODRUFF, MATHEW, baptised 16-May-1658 in Farmington, Conn. Born about 1646. Married #1.16-June-1668 in Milford, Conn to Mary Plumb, daughter of Robert and Mary (Baldwin) Plumb. Married #2 in 1686 to Sarah North, daughter of John and Mary (Bird) North of Farmington. He was made a Freeman in Milford, Conn. on 1l-May-1671. He probably remained there until after the death of Mary, when he returned to Farmington. Here he held a number of Local offices. Chosen "hayward" in 1682 and later (in charge of fences around public pastures). In 1683 he had a brand issued to him "for neat, sheep, & swein .... a swallow Cropp in ye near ear & hors a halfpenny in ye under sied of ye near ear".

At a court of Election held in Hartford 13-May-1686 ....." John Rue having appealed from the judgement of the Court of Assistants, wherein they freed Mathew Woodrofe from being the reputed father of the child that Hannahm the now wife of sayd Rue, the Court having heard what hath been presented to them, see no reason to alter or vary from what the Court hath done". The estate of Mathew Woodruff in Vol. 1 of "Early Conn. Probate Records, Hartford District" was inventoried 18-May-1691 by John Orton and John Lee and amounted to 334-08-02. The children were listed thus: "Mathew Woodruff about 23 years old, John about 19 years old, Samuell 14 years next April, Nathaniell about 5 years, Joseph about 2 1/2 years, Mary neere 21 years old, infirm in her legs, Sary about 17 years, Hannah about 10 years old, Elizabeth about 12 years".

Issue of Marriage #1:

1. Mathew, born 8-Feb-l668/69. Married #1 15-Sept-1694 to Elizabeth Baldwin. Married #2. 10-June-1730 to Mrs. Martha (Royce) North, widow of Thomas North. 1e was Captain of the trained band Farmington. Died 23-April-1751 in his 84th year.

2. Mary, born 27-Dec-1670, Milford, Conn. Died 27-Sept-1713, Farmington, Conn. Unmarried.

3. John

4. Sarah, born 1674. Married Henry Summers on 27-Sept-1703. Baptised 11-May-1707 at Stratford, Conn.

5. Samuel, born 1677, Farmington, Conn. Married Mary Judd, daughter of Lt. John Mary Anthony (Hawkins) Judd. He was a Cordwainer (leather or shoemaker). Ensign in the Farmington trained band. Died 27-Nov-1732 at Farmington.

6. Elizabeth, born 1679, Milford, Conn. Married 21-Dec-17O3, John Shepard of Westfield, Mass. Died 14-Oct-1731.

7. Hanah, born 1681. Married 2O-Aug-1701 to Samuel Blagge of Stratford, Conn.

Issue of Marriage #2:

8. Nathaniel, born 16-May-1687, Farmington, Conn. Married 16-July-1709 to Thankful Wright, daughter of Benjamin and Thankful (Woodward) Wright. He was Ensign (1733), Lt (1736), Captain (1737) in the Litchford trained Band.

9. Joseph, Baptised 18-May-1689, Farmington Conn. Married Oct of 1717 to Esther Brown daughter of Arthur Brown. He was known as "Joseph Woodruff the glasser". Captain (1734) of the 2nd Company of militia or trained Band of Farmington, Conn. His will was read 2-May-1738 and distribution made 12-July-1738.

10. Mary, born about 1691, nothing on her.

XVII. WOODRUFF, JOHN, 5-Feb-1672/73, Mllford, Conn. Married 22-Dec-1698 to Mary Platt, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Kellogg) Platt. He was among the list of Patentees of Milford in 1712.

He was a cordwainer (shoemaker). In the Milford Trained Band, he was Ensign (8-May-1718, Lt. (14-May-1719, Captain (14-May-l724). Joined the church in Milford, 13-Aug-1699. Died 23-July-1726. His will dated 13-July-1726, is found in New Haven, Conn. Vol. 5 Page 313. His estate valued at 4299-11-07.tombstone of John Woodruff


1. Mary, born 3-Mar-1699/1700. Baptised l0-Mar-1699/1700, Milford, Conn. Married 9-Mar-1723/24 to Thomas Buckingham, son of Thomas and Mary (Briscoe) Buckingham. Died 18-Apr-1790 at the age of 91 at Watertown, Conn.

2. Sarah, baptised 26-Oct-1701, Milford. Married to Joseph Hull of Derby, Conn.

3. John

4. Joseph, born 18-Feb-1704/05, Milford, Conn. Married 22-Jan-1728/29 to Phebe Newton, daughter of Samuel and Phebe (Platt) Newton. Died 20-Jan-1766.

5. Susannah, born 3-May-l707. Baptised 4-May-1707, Milford, Conn. Married 15-Dec1725 to Thomas Clark, son of Samuel and Mehitable (Phippen) (Ford) Clark. Died 11-Dec1742.

6. Anna, born 25-Feb-1707/09. Baptised 27-Feb-1708/09.

7. Ann, born 2-Mar-17l0/11. Baptised 27-Feb-1710-11. Married 7-Aug-1729 to Andrew Tuttle, son of Daniel and Hannah (Sanford) Tuttle. Died 27-Feb-1787, Milford, Conn.

XVIII. WOODRUFF, JOHN, born 26-May-1703. Baptised 30-May-1703. Married

#1. Hannah Andrew, daughter of Rev. Samuel and Abigail (Treat) Andrew.

#2. Sarah Baldwin, daughter of Thomas and Jerusa (Clark) Baldwin. He was Captain of the Militia in Milford (1750).

He and Hannah joined the church in Milford 18-May-l735. His recorded cattle Brand was "a swallow on the left ear, a cross on the right ear, and branded with a "T" on the hip." His will was dated 3-Mar-l767 and proven March of 1768. Item 15 states "and also that if either of my children shall try to make disturbance amongst the brothers and sisters, or to break my will, that he or she shall be cut off from all that I give, only 5 shillings as the law directs".

His wife #2., Sarah left a will dated 29-Dec-1775, naming only the children that were hers. She died about 1780.

Issue of Marriage #1::

1. Hannah, born about 1727. Baptised 18May--1735, Milford, Conn. Married Stephen Platt, son of Joseph and Abiah (Smith) Platt. Died 16-Aug-1806 in her 82nd year.

2. John, born about 1729. Baptised l8-May-1735, Milford, Conn. Married Hannah Lambert on 13-Mar-1757. Died 22-Sept-1799.

3. Samuel.

4. David, born about 1733. Baptised 18-May-1735, Milford, Conn. Married Esther Clark, daughter of Thoma and Susannah (Woodruff) Clark. He fought in the French and Indian Wars in 1757 under Capt. Joseph Woodruff. May-1778, he was Lt. in the 13th Co. 2nd Conn. Reg. Died 31-Dec-1786, Oxford, Conn.\5. Abigail, born 12-Feb-1738, Milford, Conn. Married 6-July-1758 to Fitch Kimberly, son of Abraham and Abigail (Adams) Kimberly.

Issue of Marriage #2:

6. Enoch, born Mar-1741/41. Married Mary Treat, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Merwin) Treat. He died 5-Mar-1786. She married #2 on 10-June-1811, Capt. Enoch Newton. He had a long Revolutionary War Record. He built a house on the old Boston Post Rd. (MilfordNew Haven Turnpike) and in coaching days it was known as "The Woodruff Tavern".

7. Mathew, born l8-Dec-1743. Married on 12-Mar-l772 to Esther Ann Bull, daughter of Benjamin and Esther (Baldwin) Bull. Married #2 in June-18O8 to Rebecca Smith, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Catlin) Smith.

8. Isaac, born 2O-April-1746, Milford, Conn. Married in 1767 to Sarah Clark, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Newton) Clark. Died at the age of 76 in Watertown, Conn.

9. Sarah, baptised 5-June-1748, Milford, Conn. Married Jonah Newton, son of John and Phebe (Platt) Newton of Milford. Died 25-June-1818.

10. Susannab, baptised 27-July-1750, Milford, Conn. Married 23-Nov-1768 to Moses Hine, son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Carrington) Hine. Died 5-Feb-1821.

11. Jonah, born 1-Dec-1755, Milford, Conn. Married on 30-July-1777 to Mabel Adams, daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Warner) Adams of Newton, Conn. Served in the Revolutionary War. One of those who captured the men concerned in "the Dayton Robbery', 14-Mar-1780. Died l2-Oct-1831, Naugatuck, Conn.

12. Benjamin, baptised 1760. Died 18-Nov-1781. No issue.

13. Jerusha, Married David Mulford, of New Haven, Conn. Had at least one child, Lucretia, baptised April-1781 at New Haven.

XIX. WOODRUFF, SAMUEL, born about 1731. Baptised 18-May-1735, Milford, Conn. Married Anne Nettleton, daughter of Nathan and Susanna (Plumb) Nettleton. Died 17-July-1772, Litchfield, Conn. From his Father he inherited land in Oxford, Conn. "Item. I give and bequeath to my second son, Sam Woodruff, besides what I have already given him, by deed and otherwise, fifty acres of land lying in Waterbury Bounds, joining to land that was Capt. Buckinham's" and he lived there until 1772, when he moved to Litchfield.

He and his wife joined the Congregational Church in Oxford 25-Dec-1757, which recommended him to the church at South Farms 7-June-1772. (South Farms was once part of Litchfield. In 1848 was set off and became Morris). Probate Court at Litchfield held his will. Deacon Samuel Woodruff, 7th day of July, 1772. His wife Anne and son, Samuel to be sole administrators. Value of estate 24-19-03. Each son to receive equal value. Distribution made 30-Apr-1779.


1. Samuel, born 9-Apr-1753. Married... Blanchard. Died 1836.

2. Nathan, born 1755.

3. Philosebius, baptised 25-Dec-1757. Married Huldah Orton on 3-Nov-1779.

4. Anna, baptised 25-Dec-1757, Oxford, Conn. Married 11-Aug-1768 to Jeremiah Riggs, son of Ebenezer and Rachel (Peck) Riggs of Waterbury.

5. Andrew, born 23-Nov-1758. Baptised 18-Feb-1759, Oxford. Married 19-May-1777 to Miranda Orton, daughter of Samuel and Ruth (Mason) Orton. Died 27-May-1847 at Livonia, N.Y.

6. John.

7. Levi, born between 1761 and 1765. Married 1-Oet-1787 to Hannah Selkrigg, daughter of Nathaniel and Maey (Gillett) Selkrigg. Died 20-July-1794.

8. Elisha, Died 28-Jan-1782, Morris, Conn.

9. Susannah, (Susan Andrews) born 1768. Died 1828. Married Solomon Woodruff.

10. Siemon, died 28-Jan-l78l, age 9 years.

11. Martha (Patty), Married Dr. Pratt.

XX. WOODRUFF, JOHN, taken from his Service Military Record #S-15721. There are references by him of hidden experiences in the Revolutionary War. He was 72 at the time and making application for a pension, which he received. From his Father's Bible, he quotes his birth as being 6-Oct-1760 at Concord, Conn. Lived in Concord about 12 years, moved to Litchfield. Here he enlisted and served as a Private with the Conn. Troops as follows: From October, 1776, five and one-half months in Captain Shubael Griswold's Company, Colonel Whiting's regiment, was in engagements at Delaney's Mills and Valentine's Hill: Soon after, three months in Captain Anon Barn's Company: In the summer of 1777, two months in Captain Archibald Buel's Company, Colonel Hooker's Regiment: Again in 1777, three months in Captain Alexander Waugh's Company, Colonel Cook's Regiment; From January, 1778, one month in Captain Bryant Stoddard's Company; In the summer of 1780, three months in Captain Bradley's Company, Colonel Bebee's Regiment; in the winter of 1780 and 1781, six weeks as teamster under Captain Barns; Summer of 1781, two months in Captain Gillett's Company, under Major Strong; From September 1781, six weeks under Lts. Sharp and Short, guarding the coast of New London. He went, November 1, 1781 on board the brig "Jay", commanded by Captain Havens, captured a schooner loaded with provisions, bound from Nova Scotia to New York; This schooner was recaptured by the British and he was taken prisoner and held six weeks at Barren Island, Long Island. He was allowed a pension.

After his return from war he remained in Litchfield until about 1819, when he moved to Torrington County. Sometime about 1791, he married Sally DeForest. I have found nothing on her. She was not in his Military papers nor a widow in his will. She was named as the Mother on the Death Certificate of Dennian Woodruff. Will dated 11-July-1835. Probated 19-Sept-l835.


1. Denman.

2. Mary, born 19-April-1795. Married

3-Mar-1814 to Samuel Barthlomew.

3. John Adams, born 24-Sept-1797, Litchfield, Conn. Married #1 on 16-April-1823 to Lavinia Hosford. Married #2 on 9-June-1853 to Nicy Hopkins. Died 9-June-1853/54.

4. Ann, married #1..Upton, #2... Barnes.

5. Sarah, married on 26-Oct-1823 to George Bissel at Goshen, Conn.

6. Sterling, born about 1816, Litchfield, Conn. Died 27-Feb-l898 at Harwinton, Conn. Married on 1-Sept-1834 to Ninerva S. Bradley, daughter of Hezekiah H. Bradley of Cornwall, Conn.

XXI. WOODRUFF, DENMAN, born probably l4-Sept-l791. Died 21-January-1873 at the age of 81 years, 4 months and 16 days. Married 1-Feb-1813 to Naomi Cillett, daughter of Asa and Naomia (Hosford) Gillett of Litchfield, Conn. Married by Asa Tallmadge. He had no will but the Distribution of his estate was Oct 25, 1873, Litchfield, Conn. 1850 Census indicated he was a Farmer with Real Property valued at $4000.00. Value of distribution was $4615.42. Naomi born 17-Jan-l791, died 8-Aug-1874. Both buried in "East Burying Ground" at Litchfield, Conn.


1. Frances M. (Fannie Marie), born 31-May-1815. Married l0-Nov-1842, George Lockwood.

2. Sarah Jane, born 4-Nov-1822, Married Rev. Joseph Dennison (Denniston) 8-July-1845. Died in Kansas, 1-Aug-l859. Deninan's will indicated she had a daughter.

3. Lucius Denman, born 3-Dec-1824, Litchfield, Conn. Married 7-Oct-1846 in Litchfield (St. Michael's Parish) to Mary Ann Fernold of Penfield, New Brunswick. Rock Island, Ill census for 1870 shows Lucious and wife Mary Ann living there. He was River Overseer on Gov't Island.

4. Ruth, probably born 1848 and died as baby.

5. Amanda, married . . .Morey.

6. Alanson A.


WOODRUFF, ALANSON A., born probaby in April or May of 1827 in Litchfield County, Conn.

Married # l Charlotte Philleo, daughter of Artimas Philleo of West Cornwall, Conn. in Torrington, Conn. on 22-May-1853. A. Woodruff and Charlotte Woodruff joined the Milan Presbyterian Church on January 31,1866. Alanson A. listed in the 1860 Census for Rock Island, Ill. as a Physician, living in Coal Valley, Camden County. Their first child, born in 1854 in Ill. indicates they moved there shortly after marriage. Rock Island Newspaper items - Grand Jury, Wednesday 19-Feb-l862 and Coroner's Jury - Wednesday, 12-Nov-1862, Alan A. Woodruff served. Charlotte died, church record - April 17, 1869.

Alanson A. Woodruff and Mrs. Louisa Johnson were married 2-Oct-1869 by Rev. Moorhead, Milan Presbyterian Church. Alanson and Louisa sold at least 2 pieces of property-1873 in Rock Island, Ill. Dec, land in section 32, Blackhawk Twsp, and in Oct-1873, 53 acres in Sect. 31 of Black Hawk Twsp.

Louisa was born in Sweden, about 200 miles from Stockholm. I only know what members of the family have told me about her. Born about 1833. Heirs to her estate, in Burrton, Harvey Co. Louisa's maiden name was Wrenn, probably had a brother, John in USA. Abnor Norland from Galva, a great grandson of Gus Aelmore, believed that the wife of Gus, (Eliza Catherine Johnson) was a sister of Louisa, but I rather believe her to be a sister of Louisa's #2 husband, John Johnson. Eliza was born in Locksbo, Sweden. Laurie Sailor, a grand daughter to Hulda Contradine (Minnie Teresa) gives me the following information: "The first marriage to Lawson; she had Charlotte Eugunia. She married Andrew Stone (Bud) and they lived in San Jose. They had two boys. Vernon Stone and a baby, and it seems like they called him Joseph. John was a brother to Charlotte (Aunt Lottie), and he looked like Uncle Burt. They had no children, but he was married to Aunt Maggie. Louisa was then a widow and married John Johnson and had Clara Matilda Louisa (Aunt Tillie). Our mother was Huldah Contradine. She let John and Mary Atkinson in in Rock Island take our mother and raised her, Bud did not adopt her. They changed her name to Minnie Teresa. I think Woodruff was a school teacher. I was told my grand parents came from Vesterrick Sweden, 100 miles from Stockholm, Sweden, Smowliles. She also said Socken County. As I was told, Aunt Lottie was 12 years old, Uncle John was 8 years old. Aunt Tillie 3 years old, and my mother 3 months. She came to Rock Island to her brother John Wrenn."

Issue of Louisa and Lawson.

1. Charlotte Eugunia, born about 1856 in Sweden. Married Andrew Stone, son of H.M. and Abagail Stone of Reno, Co. Kansas on 28-Aug-l875 in Newton Kansas. Known in family as 'Uncle Bud and Aunt Lottie". One known child-Vernon.

2. John Axal, born l4-Feb-l859 in Sweden. Married to Margaret J. . Was a barber in San Francisco, Calif. Died l3-Apr-1935, San Francisco, cremated and placed in Olivet Memorial Park, Calif. Issue of Louisa & John Johnson.

3. clara Matilda Louisa (Aunt Tillie), born in Sweden 3-Dec-l863. Married Albert Lee in Kansas. "History of Reno County, Kansas" says he was in the Retail Coal and Building Supply business with Emerson Carey in Hutchinson, Kansas from 1885 to 1890. They lived in El Reno, Okla where he owned and ran a stable. He was killed by a run away team on 26-Sep-1901. Tillie lived in Olathe, Kansas, Johnson County until her death on 8-Dec-1956. Two known children, twins, Bernice and Beulah.

4. Hulda contradine, born in 1866 in Sweden. About 3 months old when she arrived in USA, raised by John and Mary Atkinson of Rock Island, Ill. They did not adopt her but changed her name to Minnie Teresa. She married to Edward John Tracy on 15-Aug-1888. Four children. Edward, Larurie (who was very helpful with my research), Minnie (has a Ph.D. in Marketing and taught many years at Ruston, La.), Thomas Henry (who is a Lawyer in Iowa). She died 14-Nov-l955 in Battlecreek, Calhoun Co. Mich.

"History of the State of Kansas" by A. T. Andresa, page 786, "The first hotel in Burrton, Kansas was opened by A. A. Woodruff in 1874, in the building now known as the Burrton House. The first birth was that of Bert, a son of A. A. Woodruff in 1874."

A. A. Woodruff died 4-Aug-1879, leaving no will. Louisa died 12-Nov-1881. No will.

A. Stone appeared in Probate Court, Newton, Kansas, 30-Nov-1881 and asked that Joseph Stone be so appointed Administrator. Estate settled 13-Dec-1884. Land they bought in Harvey Co. was from the Arkansas Town Company 1874-1879.

Issue of Marriage #1:

1. Ellen C. (Ella) born Ca. 1854, 111. #1 Married 14-May-1871.

2. Francis (Frank) born Ca. 1856, Ill.

3. Lamar A., born Ca. 1859, Ill. 4. Leighton H. 5. Arthur A., born 29-Dec-1864, Ill. Died 3May-1935 San Jose, Santa Clara, Calif. Buried Oak Hill Cem. Wife Lillie A.

Issue of Marriage #2:

6. Herman, born Ca. 1871, Ill


Isabelle Katie, born 23-Apr-1872, Camden, R.I.,Ill. Married James Edward Catlin, son of Colonel Hooker and Elizabeth (Smith) Catlin. Died 13-June-1930 in Achiltree, Kansas, buried Springhill, Johnston County, Kansas. Raised by Augusta (Gus) and Jo Anna (Catlin) Aelmore.

8. Burrton Glenn.

XXIII. WOODRUFF, BURRTON GLENN, born 23-June-l875 in Burrton, Harvey Co., Kansas. Married 13-Oct-l895 in Perry, Indian Terr., Okla., to Emma Bell Bentley, daughter of William Gaither and Emeline (Smith). John W. Swacker aged 60, signed for Burrton, since he was not of age. Mrs. John Swacker (Margaret) and Robert Foster were witnesses. Married by A. P. Museller (Probate Judge). They were homesteaders in many areas. Lived for sometime in a dugout near Ceres, Okla., around Bliss (Marland) Okla. went to Canada and stayed a short time, as he refused to give up his American Citizenship, forfeited this homestead. Took another in a Land Drawing in Caddo, Co., Okla. Lived in Wichita for a while, where he learned the Blacksmith and horse shoeing trade from the Bentleys. Lived on a farm in Missouri, near Camden for sometime and then located permanently in Tonkawa, Kay Co., Okla. He owned and operated a machine shop there for 50 years. He was a 32nd Degree Mason, served on the City Council and was Mayor at different times. His name is on the corner stone of the Police Station and the Power Plant. He was a member and officer of the "Old Time Cherokee Strip Cow Punchers Association". Rev. Reinhardt said at his funeral that he had lived through the most colorful period of American History. Died 30-Sept-l953 and buried in IOOF Cernetary at Tonkawa, Okla.



Edwin Lee, born 5-Nov-1896 Ceres, Noble Co., Okla. Married 4-July-1919 in Bramen, Okla. to Minnie Myra Hartmen. Was in the Coastguards in WW I. He was a 32nd Degree Mason. Owned and operated a machine shop and Hardware Store in Blackwell, Okla. Died 1-Mar-1948 and buried in Blackwell, Kay Co., Okla. No issue.

2. Laten Lamar, born 1-Jan-1898, Ceres or Bliss Noble, County, Okla. Died 5-Feb-1900, Wichita, Sedgewick, Kansas. Buried Grave 1, Lot 229, Block 4, Highland Cemetary, Wichita, Kansas.


Lottie Beatrice, born 2l-Feb-1901 Ceres or Bliss Okla. Married Clyde John Kennedy (Jack). Died l7-July-1970 and both are buried in Oaklawn Cemetary at Sulpher, Murray Co., Okla. No Issue.

4. Charles Robert, born 10-June-1905, Cracemont, Caddo Co. Ind. Terr, Okla. Married 3l-Oct-l926 Perry, Noble Co., Okla. to Thelma Faye Swafford, daughter of John Russel and Nora Ellender (Cates) Swafford. Died 12-April1964 and buried Pecos, Reeves Co., Texas, Fairview Cemetary.


1. William (Billy) Lee, born l2-Aug-1928. Deceased. Married (wife living). One son.

2. Patricia Lenore, born 17-Jan-1930. Deceased. Husband living.

3. Living Male

4. Living Male

5. Living Female

5. Burrton Glenn II.


Lenore Antoninette, born 21-Sep-l9l0. Married Ted Wheeler Lowry, ll-Nov-l935, son of Will and Ida (Arville) Lowry.


1. Living Male

2.Living Female

7. Ernest William, born 24-July-19l3. Married 5-Feb-l939, Wife living in 2005.


1. Michael Ernest, born 6-July-l946. Died 8-July-l946. Buried Tonkawa, Okla. lOOF Cemetary.

2. Living Female

8. Living Male


1. Living Female

2. Living Female

XXIV. WOODRUFF, BURRTON GLENN II., born 25-June-l907, Gracemont Caddo County, Indian Terr., Okla. Baptised 17-March-1921, First Christian Church, Tonkawa, Kay County, Okla. Married l7-Sept-l939 to Helen Nadine Stone, daughter of William and Anna (Back) Stone in Anthony, Harper County, Kansas. Graduated from Tonkawa High School and University Preparatory College at Tonkawa. Played Football. Belonged to the National Guard. Worked as a welder and machinist in his father's shop and in California. and Texas. Moved to Ulysses, Kansas and was with the Columbian Carbon Company before moving to Hutchinson, Kansas, where he worked until he retired for Packaging Corp. of America. He was at different times, President of his Union and president of PTA. Moved to Tahlequah, Okla in 1970.


1. Living Male


1. Living Male

2. Living Male

2.Living Male

Married #1. .


1. Living Female

Married #2:

1. Living Male

3. Living Male

Married #1


1. Living Female

Married #2


l.. Living Male

2. Living Male

3. Living Female

4. Living Male


1. Living Female

2. Living Female

3. Living Male

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