To our four sons, I offer this History of the origin of your Ancestors. This name you carry is one to be proud of and I know you each carry it with much dignity.

After the search of many records, books, sources, the help of many Courthouses and Historical Libraries, the many hundreds of letters I have written and the hundreds of people who have been very gracious to share with me, I will now pass it on to you and yours.

I have no Documents to prove the first part of your Ancestors in England. I will include the lineage as printed in 'COLONIAL FAMILIES of the UNITED STATES" by Mackenzie Vol. III by Frederick Orr Woodruff. I will add to the reference, the response of Susan Woodruff Abbott in her book "WOODRUFF GENEALOGY-DECENDANTS of MATHEW WOODRUFF".

There is much more to be done and perhaps this will be a challenge to some other Woodruff, at some other time. I -have found, as many more have found that there are always more resources and when we least expect a break through, it will appear.

I am bringing my research to a close, but I want you to each know, I have enjoyed every moment I have spent with the Woodruff Ancestors. I, too want to thank your Dad and each of you for the never ending help and encouragement you have given me.

'Mom" - Helen Woodruff

Modified Wednesday, March 20, 2002