I. STONE, THOMAS, probably born about 1720 and died in August or September of 1791 in Prince William County, Virginia. There were several THOMAS STONE in this area during this same time period and I have not at this time, identified or THOMAS STONE with his ancestory.

Many Courthouse records were destroyed and burned during the Civil War. There are tax records and deeds to prove he owned lath on the Occoquan River above Cedar Run Broad Run, sixteen miles north east of the Courthouse at Dumfris William County, Virginia.

Tax Records shows he paid taxes on two-hundred acres 1792 to 1808. In 1814 this was changed to THOMAS STONE Estate. In 1818, the entry changed to JAMES STONE and in 1835 to THOMAS STONE of Ohio. The will which will follow will show this line of descent.

The Dettingen Parish in Prince William County, required that the members take the responsibility for the orphan or illegitimate children in the church.

There is an Indenture to the Dettingen Parish made on the 9th of January, 1773. It will be noted that Howson Hooe, who was a witness, was also a witness to the will of THOMAS STONE.

"JOHN MM, a blind orphan bound until the age of 21 to THOMAS STONE, to be taught the ordinary trade of shoemaking "

Geor. DigbyHenry Lee
Nisrod Hamrick Howson Hooe

The will mentions SARAH as the wife of THOMAS STONE, and that she is to serve with GEORGE as Executris, bat there is nothing mentioned about her when GEORGE is appointed Executor an 5th-September-1791. There is no further information on SARAH. The will of THOMAS STONE was dated "this twenty-second day of October, 1782" and proven in court on the 5th day of September, 1791.

Verbatrim copy of THOMAS STONE will,

"In the name of God Amen, I THOMAS STONE of Prince William County aid Commonwealth of Virginia, being in a weak & low state of Health--but of sound and perfect mind and memory and understanding (Blessed be God) therefore calling to mind the Mortality of my body and knowing its appointed for all men to die, I constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament. That is first and principally of all, I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Body to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christain manner--Burial at the discretion of my Executor, not doubting, but at the general Resurrection, I shall receive the same again by the Almighty Power of God, and as touching my Estate wherewith it--hath pleased God to Bless me with in this life, I give and bequeath in the following manner Vis: IMPRIMISE: I give and bequeath unto my Grandson, THOMAS STONE, that part of my land where my son, JAMES STONE, formerly lived to be divided from the rest of my land by a branch that comes out of Mr. Hammiles Plantation aid running to a red oak standing on the said branch, to him & his heirs forever and my desire is that my son---JAMES STONE may have the use of the said land--during his Natural life, but to make no sale of it nor anything thereunto belonging. ITEM: I give all the remainder of my laid unto my son, GEORGE STONE-to him and heirs of his body lawfully Begotten forever and for default of such heirs, I give the said land to be equally divided between my two DAUGHTERS, ELIZABETH BRADFIEID & SARAH BRADFIELD and their heirs forever. ITEM, I give unto my loving wife, SARAH STONE, one third pert of my Estate, both Real and Personal during her Natural life & after her decease, I give the same unto my son, GEORGE STONE. ITEM: I give unto my children hereafter mentioned VIZ: GEORGE STONE and SARAH BRADFIELD and my loving wife, SARAH STONE (if she chooses it) rather than what has already been willed her, all the remainder of my Estate after my just debts are paid, to be equally divided among them and their heirs forever--I give unto my son, JAMES STONE and my Daughters MARY LEATHERWOOD & ELIZABETH BRADFIELD one Shilling Sterling, each to them at their heirs for ever. LASTLY, I so hereby constitute and ordain my loving wife, SARAH STONE and my son GEORGE STONE sole Executrix and Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty second day of October 1782" Signed, Sealed and Delivered THOS STONE
in the presence of

The will of THOMAS STONE was presented in court on the 5th day of September, 1791 and certified on the 6th day of September 1791. GEORGE STONE named Executor.

The Appraisal and Inventory was presented in court on the 30th day of December 1791 by GEORGE STONE. The Inventory and Appraisal being made by JOHN KINCHOLE, ZACHARIAH BRADFIELD SEN'R and ROBERT SPITTLE.

The Documents of the Estate ordered recorded on the 2nd day of April 1792.

See Chart 2A




3, ELIZABETH, married ZACHARIAH BRADFIELD. He may have been the son of JOHN BRADFIELD. See Chart 4A


A. ZACHARIAH A. BRADFIELD, born 6/7-Sept-1776. Married MARY WELLS. They lived in Hardy Co., W. Va. and then moved to Meigs Co. Ohio. He died there on 28-Jun-1846 and MARY died 20-Nov-1877. See Chart

B. GEORGE 3. BRADFIELD, born between 1770/80. Married 7-Jan-1813 to ORPHIA KING,, daughter of Basil King.

C. JOSEPH. BRADFIELD, born between 1760/70.

D. JAMES. BRADFIELD, born about 1760 and married in 1785 to ELIZABETH LORENTZ.

4, SARAH, married...... .BRADFIELD.

5. MARY, married ZACHARIAH LEATHERWOOD. He was probably the son of John Leatherwood and born about 1742 in Maryland. They lived most of their lives near Woodruff in South Carolina, ZACHARIAH also married #2 JANE CALVERT and it is not known which children belonged in each marriage. ZACHARIAH died in August of 1814 in Spartanburg Co. South Carolina.


A. JOHN B. LEATHERWOOD, born about 1761. Married PRISCILlA CALVERT the daughter of Jesse Calvert.. They lived in Lincoln Co., Tenn.

B. THOMAS LEATHERWOOD, born about 1775. Married MARY LANGFORD in July of 1795. THOMAS died 11-Mar1847. They lived in Cooke Co., Tenn.

C. WILLIAM LEATHERWOOD, married ANN CALVERT. They moved to Tenn. He was dead before 1806. His son HOLLAND was named in his Grandfather's Will.

D. JAMES LEATHERWOOD, born about 1779. Married JANE HOBBY. Died 17-Nov-1860 in Ala.



G., NANCY LEATHERWOOD, married SPENCER CALVERT, son of William and Elizabeth (NODDING) Calvert.


I. JANE (JINNY) LEATHERWOOD, married Wm Langford..


K. GEORGE HOLLAND LEATHERWOOD, born 10-Feb-1781 Married SUSANNAH WAKEFIELD. Lived in Manasas, Va. Died 13-Jun-1848.

L. FRANCES (FANNY) LEATHERWOOD married JOHN EDWARDS, son of Zathariab & Nancy (Bobo) Edwards,


II, STONE, JAMES, was born about 1740/45 and married about 1766 to REBEKAY (REBECCA).

They lived in Prince William County, Virginia until they moved into West Virginia, perhaps about 1783.

Most of the children were born in Prince William County, Virginia.

The 1782 census shows JAMES in Hampshire County, Virginia with 8 whites in the Family. The 1784 census shows 9 whites in the Family, which would indicate WILLIAM was born about 1783/84, and the rest of the offspring earlier.

THE HISTORY of GRANT & HARDY COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA says "JAMES STONE and his wife, REBECCA, lived near the Lost River in the Part of Hampshire County, that became Hardy County in 1785".

There is an entry on 10-Mar-1783 from JOSEPH HILL to JAMES STONE, in Hampshire County for 150 Acres "on Little Cacapeon". On the same day JAMES STONE witnessed a lease for JOSEPH HILL to DANIEL HILL. The other witnesses on that day were DAVID COLLINS, & GEORGE LEWIS

Other deeds recorded to JAMES STONE in that area are:

  • Hampshire County, Virginia-29-September-1788- 317 Acres on the North Face of Brance Mountain.
  • Hardy County, West Virginia-4-May-1791-278 Acres-on Vines Run lading into Lost River.
  • Hardy County, West Virginia-9-September-1796-102 Acres on Limestone Mountain.
  • Hardy County, West Virginia-9-Septeaber-1798-50-Acreson the West Side of Lost River on Rocky Branch.

The will which follows, shows him owning land in Ohio, and one copy of a deed indicates he owned land there, a part of The United States Military land previous to the 21st Day of February, 1800.

JAMES died in October or November of 1817. REBECCA was still alive in July of 1828, but I have no further information on her.

See Chart 6A

Verbatrim Copy of JAMES STONE WillWill Book 3-Page 2

In the name of God Amen, I JAMES STONE of Hardy County and State of Virginia, being weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory (for which I thank God) and calling to mind the uncertainity of human life is, and being desirous to dispose of all such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, I give and bequeath the same in manner following, that is to say: #1. I give and bequeath to my Loving wife, REBECKAY STONE the Plantation whereon I now dwell, containing two hundred acres and also all my Personal Property that is on the said Plantation at my decease during her Natural Life and at her death to be disposed of as follows, To Wit, #2. I give and bequeath to my son THOMAS STONE, one dollar. #3. I give and bequeath to my son GEORGE W. STONE one hundred and thirty six acres of land lying on the big ridge adjoining the land my son THOMAS sold, to him and his heirs and assigns forever. #4. I give and bequeath to my son JAMES STONE one hundred acres of land adjoining the land he sold to HARMON, to him, his heirs and assigns forever #5. I give and bequeath to my son SAMUEL STONE one hundred acres of land lying in the State of Ohio, Licking County between the lands, of my sons GEORGE & THOMAS, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. #6. I give and bequeath to my daughter MARY DAVIS fifty dollars to be paid twelve months after the death of my wife, out of my Estate. #7. I give and bequeath to my daughter MARGARET JOHNSTON fifty dollars to be paid twelve months after the death of my wife out of my Estate, #8. I give and bequeath to my daughter SARAH BAKER fifty dollars out of my Estate to be paid twelve months after the death of my wife. #9. I give and bequeath to my daughter REBEKAH MYERS fifty dollars to be paid twelve months after the death of my wife out of my Estate. #10. I give and bequeath to my youngest son WILLIAM B. STONE after the death of my wife, the land whereon I now live and all the land adjoining to it with all the remaining part of my Estate that is left when he has paid off all claims and the Negro Girl SHARLOTE and all her increase to be sold and equally divided--among all my children and I do ordain this to be my last Will and Testament and I do desire that this Will shall only be proved and recorded and no administration at all, only proved and and recorded and I do ordain my wife and WILLIAM B. STONE and SAMUEL STONE to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament in presence of us. To which shall set my hard and seal the 3 November 1809."
Acknowledge to be my last Will
and Testament in presnce of us all

The Will was presented to Court by WILLIAM B. STONE on the 9th day of March 1819 and WILLIAM B. STONE was issued a Certificate to obtain a Probate. The 12th of March 1828 the children of JAMES STONE appeared before the Court and agreed to close the Estate Account. REBECKAH STONE was still living but the Court directed WILLIAM B. STONE to present the closing statements and sale of slaves.

The 8th of July 1828 the Court dismissed WILLIAM B. STONE as Executor aid accepted his records with no exceptions.



2. GEORGE W., I have found no record as to who his wife was. From the HISTORY of LICKING COUNTY I found these remarks.

"There are others who have died out of the township whose records have not been obtained. Among these are JAMES and GEORGE STONE and their wives".

However there is a cemetery record of a JAMES STONE, aged 64, a SUSAN STONE, aged 65 and REBECCA STONE aged 79. There is also this remark,

"THOMAS and GEORGE STONE came to this township from Jefferson Co. Virginia in 1803. They were both men of good morals and useful members of the church. GEORGE was a member of the first Methodist, and THOMAS of the first Baptist societies in the township".

The 1820 census for Union Tvsp of Licking Co. Ohio has this entry :

2 males under 10 Born 1810-1820
1 male 45 and over Bef. 1775
3 females under 10 1810-1820
2 females 10-15 1805-1810
1 female 26-44 1776-1794
I did not find him in the 1830 census for Licking Co, but did find a GEORGE W. STONE owning land and other chattel in Union Twsp for 1834.

Most who are researching this GEORGE V. STONE believe the following LEVI and GEORGE W. to be the issue of the above.


A. LEVI, born 25-Feb-1810 in Ohio. Married THERESA RIDENOUR, who was born in Licking Co. Ohio on 14-Sep-1812. They moved into Delaware Co., Ohio and after some time moved to Iowa. They both died in Salina, Jefferson Co., Iowa and are buried in the Peterson Cemetery. LEVI died 21-May-1864 and THERESA died 17-Dec-1858. See Chart 9A


a. SILAS, born 7-Now-1834 in Del.ware Co., Ohio. Married his cousin, EMILY JANE STONE, daughter of GEORGE & MARY ANN (LIGHTLITER) STONE on 2-Jan-1862. SILAS died 12-Aug-1914 and EMILY died 8-Jun-1921. Both are buried in Caldwe;; Cemetery in Jewell Co. Kan. See Family Chart. 9B

b. AMANDA, born about 1836. Married ADAM LUDY in 1852 and died in 1904.

c. HARRIET, born 14-Nov-1837. JOHN ROCK on 11-Oct-1855 and died 9-May-1924, Woodward , Okla. There is a book published on ROCK-STONE.

d. PHILANDER, born in 1840. Married #1. CAROLINE STONE AND #2. ELIZA MORSE. Died in 1926 in Calif.

e. MYRTLE, was married but died young.


g. REBECCA ANN born In 1848. Married LYTLE.


i. ADAM EDWIN, born in 1852 and died in 1920. Had 1 son and 4 daughters. GEORGE, EDNA, ELLEN, MABEL & JESSE.

B. GEORGE, born in November of 1813 in Licking County, Ohio. On May-10-l833 he tarried MARY ANN LICHLITER, the daughter of Conrad Lichliter and was born in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia on 15-May-1817. A story related by Oscar Bay Stone, son of Silas Stone,

"GEORGE and MARY ANN ran away from Ohio because their folks did not want them to marry, this was about 1833. They walked to Illinois and homesteaded on lands along the Mississippi River, where the town of Quincy is now. The State or County traded them this ground for 1/2 section of land in Adams County where Stones Prairie is now about 1835/36, and this is where they raised their family."

GEORGE made his Will on 25-Oct-1894 and he died on 26-Oct-1894. MARY ANN died on 18-Dec-1898. Both were buried at Plainsville, Illinois. They were devoted Methodist.


a. MARY ELLEN. born 27-Dec-1836 In Illinois. Married HENRY WAGGY on 10-Feb-1853. Died 23-Sep-1874.

b. EMILY JANE, born 9-Apr-1839. Married SIlAS STONE, son of Levi Stone 2-Jan-1862. Died 8-June-1921.

c. GEORGE WASHINGTON, born 1-Apr-1840. Married SARAH A. DYER on 24-Oct-1867. Died in 1921

d. JOHN OLIVER, born 23-Apr-1843 in Caflton County, Missouri. Married ELIZABETH LEACY on 8-Jan-1863. Died in 1916.

e. MINERVA ANN (SUSAN), born in August of 1845 in Illinois. Married JEFFERSON SEEHORN on 20-Aug-1868.

f. ELIZABETH ANN, born 18-Oct-1847 in Illinois. Married WILLIAM RICHARDSON on 31-May1868. Died 28-May-1872.

g. WILLIAM HENRY, born 30-Nov-1849. Married Mary ANN SMITH 27-Jun-1878. Died 19-May-1930.

h. SAMUEL HOLLAND, born 2-Jan-1852. Married REBECCA GILLUM on 23-Dec-1869. Died 30-Apr-1921.

i . LEWIS PHILANDER, born 27-May-1854. Married SADIE LEASE. See Chart 10A & 11 A

j. ELIZA EDDY, born 11-Nov-1855. Died 24-Apr-1881.

k. DAVID, born 1851/57. Died Young.

1. MARTHA, born 1851/57. Died young.

m. CHARLES WILSON (CHESTER), born 10-Mar-1859. Died 1872.

n. CHARLES WESLEY, born in 1864. Died 11-Mar-1867.

o. CHARLES ALLEN, died Apr-1874.

C. No record an any female.

3. JAMES, born before 1775 in Virginia. The only information I have on this JAMES STONE is a record from the County Home Cemetery, Union Twsp, Licking County on Union Station Road & Rt. 37.

STONE, JAMES age 64 years.
STONE, SUSAN age 65 years.

The Federal Census for 1820 lists for Union Twsp.

4 males under 10 born between 1810-1820.
1 male 10-16 1804-1810.
1 male over 45 before 1775.
1 female 1810 -1820.
2 females 1804-1810.
1 female 16-25 1795-1804.
1 female 1776-1794

THE HISTORY of LICKING COUNTY states JAMES STONE along with others came to Licking County in 1804/05.

I have found 1 deed dated 21-Feb-1809 for 98 acres of land from THOMAS STONE in the United states Military Tract.. 4 Twsp- Range 13, near the lands of GEORGE STONE.

4, SAMUEL, born between 1776 and 1794. There is a deed from JAMES STONE and wife REBECCA to SAMUEL STONE dated March 28, 1815 for 98 acres of land in Licking County, Ohio, near that of GEORGE STONE, evidently this is the inherited land from his parents. See Chart 12 A

The 1820 census for licking Co., Ohio records:

4 males under 10 Born between 1810-1820
1 male 10-15 1804-1810
1 male 26-44 1776-1794
1 female under 10 1810-1820
1 female 16-25 1795-1804
1 female 26-44 17761794

SAMUEL does not show up in later Census. It is believed he migrated to Adams County, Illinois April 1822.

From QUINCY and ADAMS COUNTY, ILLINOIS by Wilcox- Vol. #1Page 628/29.

"The little village of Plainville, Southeast of the central part of Payson Twsp was originally called 'Stone's Prairie'. SAMUEL STONE settled in that locality in the year 1822; himself and his family and descendants gave the settlement its early name, For many years, while the Post Office was called Stone's Prairie, the village was known as "Shakerag".

SAMUEL made his Will in 8-Sep-1840 and it came before Probate 7-Oct-1840 in Adams County Illinois. After the death of SAMUEL, his wife RHODA married ENOS THOMPSON. SAMUEL was the local Methodist minister.


A. ENOCH P., born in 1814 in Licking County, Ohio. Married EMILY BURKE on 13-Aug-1835.


a. ERASTUS It., born 1836. Married ELIZABETH DEAN on 16-Aug-1855.

b. ELIZE J., born 1838.

c. NANCY A., born 1840.

d. MELVINA, born 1842.

e. ELENOR, born 1844.

f. JOEL H., born 1850

B. ABRAHAM T., born 5-March-1818 in Licking County, Ohio. Married MARY ANNLIPPINCOTT 11-Feb-1849. He attended what was then known as Dr. Nelson's Institute and taught school. He was licensed as a preacher in 1853 and followed in his fathers footsteps as minister. He served in the State Legislature and was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. He died in 1911 in his 93rd year.


a. SARAH, married JOHN PUTMAN and lived in Quincy, Ill.

b. Daughter married to M. E. STROBRIDGE, living in Seattle, Washington.

C. WASHINGTON, born in 1831. Married REBECKA DEAN on 12-Feb-1849.

a. ELIZABETH, born 1850.



5 . MARY, born in 1770 in Virginia. Married SAMUEL DAVIS and came with him and their family to Licking county in 1806. She died in 1854 in Licking Twsp and is buried in the Baptist Cenetary at the corner of State Rd.. #13 and Twsp Rd.. #306. SAMUEL was born 15-Oct-1768 and his Will was probated 28-Feb-1837, but no Cemetery Record was found. An article taken from the CENTENNIAL HISTORY of the City of NEWARK and LICKING COUNTY by E. H. Brister. Vol. II-1909. See Chart 14 A

"SAMUEL DAVIS and his wife MARY STONE DAVIS came by wagon in the early days from Virginia, when the country was in a primitive state. He built a large two-storied log house, which class of structure was out of the ordinary in those times. The log house was located near Horners Mills and where the present Newark City Waterworks is(1909). A year later they moved to a farm a mile west of Jacksontown on the National Pike"

They were a highly religious family and were active in starting the Primitive Baptist Church.


A. SARAH, born 2-Apr-1792 in Virginia. May have married JOHN NEHER on 6-Dec-1820. The marriage recorded 6-Mar-1821 by John Wagner-J. P.

B. JAMES, born 4-Mar-1798 in Virginia. He married SUSAN GROVE on 18-Apr-1821 by Noah Fidler. She was born 10-Aug-1800 in Rockingham County, Virginia and died in 1891. JAMES died in 1881. Both are buried in the Fairmont Cemetery in Licking Twsp. Their home was a landmark in the area, a very religious family and active in the Baptist Church.

ISSUE: Seven children. Chart.

C. RHODA, born 7-Sep-1800 in Virginia.

D. ELIZABETH, born 21-Sep-1809 in Ohio.

E. REBECCA, twin sister to ELIZABETH, born 21-Sep-1809. Married. JOHN BRUMBACK on 8-May-1828. REBECCA died in 1835 and is buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery in Licking Twsp, Licking Co. See Chart. 15 A


a. JEFFERSON BRUMBACK, formerly Judge of the Common Pleas Court at Newark, Ohio.

b. MARY A. BRUMBACK born in 1831 and died in 1879.

c. JERRMIAH BRUMBACK, an attorney in Boise City, Idaho in 1909. Married LIZZIE D. who was born in 1837 in Vermont and died in 1890. JERRMIAH died in Granville in 1912.

6. .MARGARET, born 26-May-1773 in Prince William County, Virginia. Married on 2-July-1797 in Hardy County, West Virginia to GEORGE JOHNSTON, who was born 3-March-1769 to James and Mary Johnston in Prince William County, Virginia. MARGARET wrote a story about her experiences in religion. At the top of the page is "Margaret Stone Her Book. Thomas Stone his pen in Hand" At the bottom "May 12, 1798". Found in a Bible od David Johnston the following. "Margaret Stone, the wife of George Johnston born May 26, 1773. Margaret was a third cousin of George Washington". In her story she said she joined the Methodist Society on the second day of May in 1794 and was baptised in the Lost River.

It is believed they went to Woodford County, Kentucky in 1811. In 1824 they were in Jefferson County, Illinois and later in Adams County, Illinois, Payson Twsp, where there was a STONE settlement. See chart, 15 A


A. JAMES BISHIP JOHNSON, born 26-Mar-1798 in Hardy Co.West Virginia.

B. NOAH JOHNSON, born 29-Sec-1799 in Hardy Co. West Vt. Known to have lived in Woodford County Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

C. DAVID JOHNSON, born 29-Nov-1801 in Hardy Co., West Va. Married in 1828 to FRANCES (FANNY) CASSADAY, who was born 11-Nov-1801 in Kentucky. It is known they lived in Indiana for sometime but by 1831 they were in Adams County, Illinois. They both died in Macon County, Mo.


a. ALEXANDER JOHNSON, born 19-Apr-1829. Married AMELIA.

b. SARAH ELLEN JOHNSON, born 19-Apr-1829, twin to ALEXANDER.

c. JOHN MARION JOHNSON, born 4-Mar-1831 in Adams Co., Ill. Married 2-May-1850 to MARY JANE ALLEN. He died 31-Oct-1894.

d. WILLIAM JOHNSON, born 31-Dec-1832.

e. JAMES MILTON JOHNSON, born 4-Apr-1834.

f. GEORGE WASHINGTON JOHNSON, born 27-Apr-1836. Married NANCY JANE GARWOOD. Died 22-Jun1924..

g. PHILLOPPE JOHNSON, born 15-Jul-1838.

h. MAEGARET JOHNSON, born 3-Sep-1840. Married ISAAC REMSBERG.

i . MICHAEL BARNES JOHNSON, born 21-Sep-1842

D. ENOS JOHNSON, born 15-Apr-1803 in Hardy Co., West Va.

E. REBECCA JOHNSON, born 16-Mar-1805.

F. SALLY JOHNSON, born 15-Apr-1807. Married MICHAEL BARNES.

G. LEWIS JOHNSON, born 4-Apr-1809.

H. WILLIAM JOHNSON, born 15-Feb-1811.

I. GEORGE WESLEY JOHNSON, born 11-Jan-1813.


7. SARAH, married to JOHN BAKER. Nothing is known about them.

8. REBECCA, born in Virginia about 1787. Married HENRY MYERS 9-Dec-1805 in Hardy Co. West Va. They migrated to Licking County Ohio along with SAMUEL STONE in about 1808.

His Estate was probated in November of 1859. REBECCA died in 1861. Both were buried in the County Home Cemetery in Union Twsp. HENRY aged 82. REBECCA aged 74. From the gleannings of the Licking Co. Histories and the census for the county, I believe these are some of the issue of this family. See Chart 16 A

One item is below:

JESSE MYERS, Lisa Township.
Post Office, Summit Station.
"JESSE MYERS was born in 1814, the fourteenth day of July in Harrison Township. He is the son of HENRY MYERS and REBECCA STONE, who were married in Virginia and came to Ohio in 1810, settling in Harrison township, where they lived some five years; they then removed to Union township, there being but few families there at the time. JESSE MYERS married Miss CATHERINE TAGGART, the daughter of James and Sarah Taggart in 1846, July 26th.
" HISTORY of LICKING COUNTY 01110-1881 by N. N. Hill Jr. Page 719.


A. JOHN MYERS, born in 1807 in Va.

B. JACOB MYERS, born in 1813 in Ohio.

C. JESSE MYERS, CATHERINE MYERS was born in Penn. In 1813. He died 19-Jan-1887 and she died 14-June1903. Both are buried in Pataskala, Licking County, Ohio.

D. MARY MYERS, born in 1825.

E. HENRY MYERS, born in 1828.

9. WILLIAM B., born between 1794 and 1804. In 1820, the census indicated he was married and had 2 male children born between 1810-1820 in Hardy County, West Va. He was Executor of his father (JAMES) estate.

III. STONE. THOMAS, born 27Feb-1767 in Prince William County, Virginia. Married BARBARA WISE, a daughter of CHRISTOPHER VISE in Jefferson County, Virginia on 2k-Feb-1788. She was born near Baltimore Md. in 1769. From deeds, we know THOMAS and BARBARA owned land in Licking County as early as February 21, 1800 in the Military Tract. There is a deed on record from Fairfield County, Ohio for 500 acres dated 29-Nov-1806 to THOMAS STONE from Abraham Kinny and later transferred to Licking County for Range 13, Twsp 1, Section 4 in the United States Military District.

It is believed from many sketches that THOMAS and BARBARA along with four children came by horseback from Virginia. It was customary in those days to put a feed sack over the horses back and a child put on each side. The older children walking. It will be noted in the record of the children that three small children died in August of 1800, I have no record as to a tragedy, but it makes one wonder.

From the HISTORY OF LICKING COUNTY by N.N. Hill come these remarks,

"THOMAS and GEORGE STONE came to this township from Jefferson County Virginia in 1803. They were both men of good morals and useful members of the church. GEORGE was a member of the First Methodist and THOMAS of the First Baptist Societies of the Township

"It may be worth noting that nearly all of these early settlers , both male and female, were expert in the use of the rifle, and some of the men were "Professional Hunters", who devoted much of their time to the chase, especially in the fall and winter when the flesh and skins of wild animals were most valuable. Among these may be names THOMAS STONE ......................as among the most expert of their day. THOMAS STONE was distinguished as a bear hunter, sometimes killing as many as eight or twelve in a season. These men were seldom seen at any time, even at church, without their rifle. Some of them did not feel fully dressed until their "hunters belt" was buckled around them and the shot pouch and powder horn hung over their shoulder. They not only gloried in the chase but with some of them, it was the chief source of their living, until old age and scarity of game compelled them to give it up. JOHN EDWARDS and THOMAS STONE were good farmers and fair business men and accumulated property, but most of these hunters died poor."

THOMAS STONE died 5-January1847, aged seventy-nine years, ten months and eight days. There was an Administration Bond issued on 13-Mar-1847 for $3000. for WILLIAM STONE and ROBERT FRISTOE to be Administrators and JAMES STONE named on the bond. I have found no will, but from Licking County Common Pleas Court Partition Vols-C-1845-1856. LDS Film # 903087.

Page 155 May Term, 18148.

"On the 13th day of November AD, 1847 was filed the following petition.

Petitioners JAMES STONE, WILLIAM STONE, ELIZABETH CHANNELL & SAMUEL STONE, residents of Licking County & CALEB RANDALL and SARAH RANDALL, his wife & HENRY WAGY & ELLEN, his wife residents of State of Missouri represent that the said. JAMES, WILLIAM, ELIZABETH, SAMUEL GEORGE & JOHN are each of them seized in fee simple of and have a legal right to one undivided ninth part of same real estate of THOMAS STONE.. The said BARBARA, widow, entitled to dower rights. Located in 4th quarter of Twsp 1 Range 13 of US Military. 213 acres sold for $5095. to THOMAS STONE JR. April 12-1848. BARBARA received as her dower rights 71 acres-24-Mar-1848, & was valued at $5100. Attorneys received $75.00-Mathiot & Buckingham.


BARBARA died 16-Sept1848. Both are buried in The County Home Cemetery, which is located near their home and Luray.


1.REBECCA, born 1-Jan-1790 in Virginia. Died in August of 1800 in Virginia.


3. MARY, born in March of 1792 in Virginia and died in August of 1800 in Virginia.

4. MARGARET, born in July of 1793 in Virginia aid died in August of 1800 in Virginia.

5. SARAH, born 5-April-1795 in Virginia. Married CALEB RANDALL on 14-Aug-1814 in Licking Co. Ohio. They putchased 50 Acres of land from Levin Randall (brother to CALEB) on 3-Jan-1815, in the Refugee tract appropriated for Refugees from Canada and Nova Scotia. They owned 3 pieces of property in Etna Twsp in 1834. They were in Missouri in 1847. BRISTER'S HISTORY of LICKING COUNTY Page 289 said "LEVIN RANDALL and his brother CALEB were in Harrison Thsp so early that they were considered neighbors". Deacon Esquire Levin Randall performed the first wedding ceremony in the area between Henry Richmond and Amarish Cubberly, the first teacher in the area. See chart. 19 A.

6. WILLIAM, born 15-Aug-1796 in Virginia. Married SUSANAH WAGY on 1-May-1822 in Union Twap, Licking County, Ohio.

SUSANNAH was born 2-June-1902 in Virginia and died 23-Nov-1862. The 1850 census shows his Real Estate valued at $9500. They lived in Etna Thsp and owned several pieces of Taxable property in 1834. WILLIAM died 2-Mar-1868-age 71 years-1 month-13 days. Both are buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery. See Chart. 20 A


A. CYNTHIA ANN. born 29-Jun.-1824. Married REASON COULTER on 15-Apr-1847.

B. MELVINA, born 9-Feb-1826. Married #1. OWEN BAKER. Had a son. HOWARD and was living in 1850 with her parents. #2. Married JAMES O ' KANE and had a daughter NELLIE O' KANE age 5 years and living in Ktrkersville in 1870. #3. Married ROBERT KANE on 16-Mar-1877, Married ZACK HILLBRANT and the 1880 census shows her as his wife and NELLIE aged 13.

C. SANFORD, born 13-Apr-1829. Will was Probated 19-July-1855. Bond set at $2000. Owen Baker administer. William Stone and Hiras Tenny were bondsman.

D.. ALMEDA (AMANDA), born 15-Aug-1829. Married GEORGE H. HOMES. He was born in 1827 and died in 1872. Amanda died in 1892. Both are buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery.

E. PHEBE, born in 1830 and died on 22-Aug-1832 age 3 years . Buried in Kirkersville Cem..

F. EMILY SAMANTHA, born 10-Nov-1836. Married OWEN T. BAKER on 12-Aug-1856. She died 22-May-1899.

G.. CAROLINE, born 12-June-1848.

7. GEORGE, born 15-Apr-1798 in Virginia.

Married #1. PRUDENCE CHANELL on 1-May-l821 in Licking Co.. Ohio. She was born in Virginia in November of 1800. She died in November of 1837 and her will was Probated 27-July-1838.

GEORGE STONE was appointed guardian of his four minor children. William Spencer was bondsman. See Chart.


A. WILLIAM GIBSON, born in Licking County, Ohio on 26-Jan-1822. Died near Utica, Livingston County, Missouri on 2-Apr-1858. Married ELIZABETH TUCKER . No issue.

B. AMANDA, born in Licking County, Ohio on 1O-Oct-1823. Married JOB WILSON. Died in Ohio.

C. JOHN NORTON, born in Licking County, Ohio on 28-Oct-1828. Captain of the Cavalry in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. Killed at Carthage Missouri on 5-Jul-1861. Married. No issue.

D. ALPHEUS SPENCER, born in Licking county, Ohio on 20-Sec-1835. Married. No issue. Died in Montana in the 1870's.

Married #2 SUSAN BERRY on 7-Oct-1841. She was born 1-Mar1816 in Ohio. She died at Wichita Kansas on 9-May-1899. GEORGE died 3-Nov-1871. Both are buried in Utica, Livingston County, Missouri.


A. GEORGE ALEXANDER, born 23-May-1843 in Livingston county, Missouri. Married MOLLIE HUDGINS on 16-Oct-1866 at Richmond Missouri.

GEORGE STONE wrote this on 22-June-1929L

"Genealogy of the STONE Family"

"The tradition is: An Englishman by the name of STONE was a Captain who sailed the seas in British Ships. The Sea Captain had three sons, who after coming to mans estate emigrated to America. One of these sons settled at Baltimore Maryland, one in Boston and the other in New York. The one who settled at Baltimore was the ancestor of ourFamily".

GEORGE , after trying his luck at farming, mining in the west and the mercantile business in Texas and Missouri, studied law and was admitted to the bar in Richmond Missouri in January of 1880.

B. JAMES KLINE, born near Utica, Missouri on 2-Mar-1846. Married ADDIE AUSTIN.

C. SARAH SAMANTHA, born near Utica Missouri on 22-Mar-1848. Married PHILLIP L. SCHMITT. Died in Denver Colorado. No issue.

D. CAROLINE BELINDA (CARRIE), born near Utica Missouri on 23-Sept-1852. Died in Licking County Ohio on Dec-12-1862-Age 10 yrs-2 mos-26 dys. Buried in Kirkersville Cemetery.

E. ANNA LUCY, born near Utica Missouri on 21-Nov-1855. Died 1-Aug1856.

8. ELIZABETH, born 2-Jun-1800 in Virginia. Married JEREMIAH CHANNELL on 9-Feb-1820 in Lickin County, Ohio.

It is believed ELIZABETH died about about 1854 and the Estate of JEREMIAH was probated 12-Sep-1846.


In 1834 they owned chattel and Real Estate in Union and Harrison Twsp.

It is probable that.JEREMIAH was the son of JOSEPH and the grandson of the gentleman in the following article taken from CENTENNIAL HISTORY of the City of NEWARK and LICKING COUNTY by E. N. BRISTER. See Chart 22 A

"Among the original members of the Methodist Church were William Moody and wife, JOHN CHANNELL and wife, Thomas Taylor and wife, William Montgomery and wife and others. Prior to the erection of a church, services were often held in the cabins of William Moody and JOHN CHANNELL".

"JOHN CHANNELL, a great hunter, Thomas Deweese, and Henry Smith were pioneers in 1804. They were Virginians. JOHN CHANNELL was a somewhat remarkable pioneer on account of his hunting exploits, a recitial of which would make a volume. Some idea may be gleaned of his prowess in this direction by the single statement that he once informed Thomas Taylor that he killed nine bears one day before noon. These animals were very plentiful on the bluffs lineing Licking Valleys, CHANNELL had been raised among the Indians was tall, straight as an Indian, had black hair and a swarthy complexion. Indeed looked and acted more like an Indian than a white man. He raised quite.a large family and his boys were all hunters."

9. ELEANOR (ELLEN) , born 26-Mar-1802 in Virginia. Married HENRY WAGY in 1825 in Licking County, Ohio. They left Licking County in about 1831 and were in Missouri for a short time. Moved on to Quincy, Illinois and eventually settled in Adams County, Illinois. They were here in the 1850 census. Both were alive and living in Plainville, Illinois in 1871. See chart. 23 A.

10. JOHN , born 9-Nov-1805 in Fairfield County, Ohio, near Lancaster. Married SUSANNAH STOVER on 5-Apr-1827 in Licking County, Ohio. She was born 3-Feb-1809, the daughter of Samuel and Susannah (Brumback) Stover Jr. An article in the HISTORY of CALDWELL and LIVINGSTON COUNTIES, MISSOURI-1886-Page 898 tells of his travels from Ohio through Indiana and Illinois and finally locating near Utica, Mo. in August of 1837. There were only two cabins in the area at the time. He farmed, but was appointed Judge of Livingston several terms. He died on 18-Oct-1893 and SUSANNAR died 9-Jun-1887. Both are buried in the STONE Cemetery near the home he raised his family. See Chart 24 A.


A. SAMUEL STOVER, born 25-Feb-1828 in Licking County, Ohio. Married JOSEPHINE HULL. He went to California during the Gold Rush and remained there. He died 7-Oct-1893, eleven days before his father. There is a copy of a letter he wrote on 24-June-1855 from Maripose, California.

B. FLAVIUS J., born 14-Apr-1830 in Ohio. Died in May of 1834.

C. WILLIAM H., born 14-Apr-1834 in Ohio. Died in May of 1836.

D. DAVID, born 11-Dec-1836 in Illinois. Married in Utica Missouri on 5-Apr-1867 to LUCY ANN MARTIN, who was born on 2-Jun-1847 at Gallatin Missouri to Hudson J. and Mary (Harper) Martin. He died 10-Sept-1877 and she died 7-Jul-1924 in Harrisonville Missouri See Chart.

E. JOHN CALVIN, born 17-Jan-1839 in Utica Missouri. Married 29-Nov-1866 to ELIZA HARPER, who was born on 6-Feb-1846 in Missouri to John S. and Juliet (Butts) Harper. John C. died 11-Oct-1916 and ELIZA died 25-Apr-1914. Both are buried in the Utica Missouri Cemetery. See Chart.

F. ASHFORD ALLAN, born 19-Dec-1840 in Utica Missouri. Married MARY A. HOY on 4-Apr-1867. ASHFORD died 23-Nov-1926. He and MARY are both buried in the Utica Cemetery. See chart.

G. SUSAN MELVINA , born 13-Sep-1845 in Utica. Married THOMAS McMILLAN, She died 30Aug-1931. See chart.

H. THOMAS BENTON, born 22-Mar-1851. Married 17-Sept-1894 to MARTHA ANN WADLEY. They migrated to California in 1905. and bought 30 acres of land north of Foothill Blvd in Pomona and developed an orange grove. THOMAS died 9-Sept-1916 and MARTHA died in1920.

11. THOMAS JR., born 12-Mar-1807 in Union Twsp, Licking County, Ohio. Married JULIA ANN HITE on 28-Oct-1837. She was born 8-Apr-1816 in Hagerstown Maryland to Valentine and Mary M. (Shrop) Hite. THOMAS was born on land his father bought on 29-Nov-1806 from Abraham Kinny. This was a part of the 500 acres purchased in in the United States Military District and located in Fairfield County until the County lines were changed and was recorded in Licking County on 8-May-1807. THOMAS JR. raised his family on this same farm, and passed it on down into the next generation. He died 10-Mar-1882 and JULIA died 15-Apr-1889. Both are buried in the Licking Cemetery in Union Twsp, Licking Co. Ohio. See Chart 25 A


A. MATILDA A, ,born in 1839. Married ISAAC SLOCUMB on 2-Mar-1865, who was the son of Samuel and Ann (Martin) Slocumb. ISAAC was in the Civil War-Company B, 113th Regimental, 0.V.I. He died in 1919 and Matilda died in 1906. Both are buried in Licking Cemetery, Union Twsp. See Chart.

B. WILSON S., born in 1840. Married #1. DARLBY(ANN E.), who was born 7-May-l846 and died 28-Se[-1903/ <arroed #2. EVA JORST. wjp was bprm om 1865 and died in 1906. WILSON died in 1920. All three are buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery.

C. Infant, born in 1847.

D. ELENORA, born 21-Feb-1844 and died 25-Jan-1862.

E. SYLVESTOR, born 31-May-1846. married in 1871 to ADELINE SLOCUMB, daughter of Samuel and Ann (Martin) Slocumb, and sister to Isaac Slocumb. She died 9-Aug-1875 and is buried in Licking Cemetery in Union Twsp. He married #2 SOPHIA DEAFENBACH in a879. She was born in Fiarfield County. SYLVESTOR died 12-Nov-1907 and is buried in Licking Cemetery. See Chart.

F. SARAH E., born 28-Aug-1849. Married NELSON R. BUCKLAND in 1870, the son of Nelson R. and Honor Buckland and was born in Vermont. He died in 1905 and she in 1912. Both are buried in Licking Cemetery, Union Twsp. See chart.

G. MARY C., born 31-Jan-1851. Married WILLIAM H. HAND, who was born in Ohio in 1848. She died in 1913 and he in 1930. Both are buried in Licking Cemetery.

H. MINNIE H., born 20-May-1854. Married JAMES T. HARRIS on 14-Sep-1875, who was the son of Thomas L. and Irene (STONE) Harris. They owned a General Store in Kirkersvifle, which burned in the Great Fire on 9-Mar-1905. They rebuilt and had one of the first telephones in Kirkersville in their store. He died in 1912 and she in 1930. Both are buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery. Their son John S. and wife Eina Jane (White)
operated the store later.

I. Infant, born 18-Aug-1859.

12. SAMUEL, born 2-Jun-1809 in Union Twsp, Licking County. Married CATHERINE BAKER on 6-Jan-1835. Married #2. LOUISA PIEW on 15-Jan-1871. She was born 16-Jun-1831 in New York. Catherine was living in Kirkersville as a divorced person and Samuel was living in Etna Twsp in the 1870 Sensus. His property was valued at $20,000. Catherine is buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery along side her son, James Newton. Samuel died 25-Jun-1886 and is buried in Pataskala. Her name is on the stone but on other inscriptin. See Chart 26.


A. JAMES NEWTON, born 1838. Married ELIZABETH. They had no issue. She remarried ALEXANDER HARRVILLE. On 30-Dec-1879 the sisters and brothers of James Newton brought suit against his widow for their intrest in a parcel of land, (163 Acres in Union Twsp-NW Quarter-Sec-7-Twsp-17-Range 18). Recorded Vol 2-Pages-196-207.

B. ANGELINE, born in 1840. May have married #1. WEASNOR, but in 1879 was married to CLARENCE L. JEWELL and living in New York.

C. ANNA ELIZABETH, born in 1845.

D. MARION, born in 1849. Living in Kansas in 1879.

IV. STONE, JAMES, born 5-Mar-1791 in Virginia. Came to Fairfield County with his parents on horseback in about 1803. Served in the War of 1812 as CAPTAIN JAMES STONE in Lt. Coe Nathan Kings Reg. for the United States from August the 23 of 1812 until 8-August-1816. Married RUTH CUNNINGHAM in Union Twsp of Licking County, Ohio on 26-Mar-1820 by Goo. Callanhan, E.M.E.C. See Chart 27A.

Served as County Commissioner in 1856/57/58. JAMES and RUTH owned several pieces of property and farmed in the area of Kirkersville. In February of 1849 they bought 10 acres on the east side of Kirkersville at a sheriff's sale and put a Grist and Saw Mill, powered by water from the feeder canal which linked the Licking River to Bloody Run. The first few years THOMAS MURPHY run the mill while JAMES continued to farm, but by 1860 he and his son SAMUEL were operating the mill. JAMES died in 1868/69 and the mill was sold to George Faskett in September of 1869. Henry Geiger bought the mill, but it burned in the Kirkersville Great Fire of 28-Mar-1905. The mill was rebuilt and powered by gas and steam. After the death of JAMES, the STONE Family owned and operated a Grocery Store. About 1871, SAMUEL sold his interest in the store to his sister, ELIZABETH and her husband, JOHN V.DAWSON and moved to Kansas.

I have been unable to find out much about RUTH CUNNINGHAM STONE. In 1870, she was assisting in the Grocery Store and in January of 1877, she signed a deed, selling her interest in Lot 10 in Kirkersville to ELIZABETH DAWSON.

Perhaps by quoting a portion of the book, THE HISTORY OF GRANVILLE. ETNA AND KIRKERSVILLE by Morris Schaff, I can best picture for you, your Ancestorial Grandparents and the Town and Country they helped to develop.

"Our postoffice, after 1850 was Kirkersville (generally called Kirk). In its stores, the family trading was done. Our Family Physician lived there, .Dr. Farrell, a tall, broad shouldered man with large rather cowering blue eyes, but a naturally happy nature. At its Grist Mill, owned by CAPTAIN JIM STONE, about all our flour and corn-meal was ground. All around the town , on the richest of farms and amid plenty, lived our warm hearted neighbors, STONES, DEWEESES, FINKBONES, (HENRY, ISAAC, and JOHN). JACKSONS, VEILS, GILLS (NICHOLAS and JOHN), CHARM, BUCKLANDS, WHITES, LARRIMORE, HEWETTS, STOOLFIRES, CUNNINGHAM, HOLMES an many others.

CAPTAIN JAMES STONE, so frequently mentioned in this sketch, was easily its foremost citizen in my day. He was about my father's age, having been born in Licking about 1800, only a few years after its settlement. The CAPTAIN, like my father, was a Democrat and a leader in his party, serving as County Commissioner from time to time, and in other positions of Trust and Responsibility. I do not know how he got his title but doubtless for service in some of the early militia regiments. His acquaintance extended to the widest limits of Licking and Fairfield Counties. He knew their people, their woods, their creek runs and swamp. Many a time, with a pleasure that he was not conscious of, did I hear him talk of them, the game and the times of his youth. It does not need to be said that this sketch would have been immeasureably benefited if I had realized the historic value and had written down at the time all I heard from him and his contemporary pioneers.

The CAPTAIN was a short, stocky man with a square, open face. His ways were quiet, his eyes blue with expansive kindness hamming in them. His voice low and his laugh melody itself. He rarely told a story, but loved a good one dearly. Although he was much older than most of those who use to gather in the stage tavern bar room or on its porch, and although naturally sedate, he was always one of them. I doubt if here was anyone who heard more of Kirkersville's humor, or who appreciated it more highly.

This pioneer, good advisor and good friend of everyone, sleeps in the graveyard on the gravelly knoll across Bloody Run, almost due south from his mill and within sound of its wheel. Whenever I was on a visit at home, while the CAPTAIN was alive, I always went down to see him and. many a time spent hour after hour in the mill. I can see now the bags of wheat and corn standing around the pillars and against the side & the mill marked with their owners name and waiting for their turn. The hopper with its trickling stream of grain as it jiggled down into the whirling burr stones, the great noisless, revolving bolt and the windows dimmed with flour dust."

We visited Kirkersville in 1979 aid talked with the son of Henry Geiger. He told us of the fire that had destroyed the old mill. He had built a replica of the mill in his basement and allowed us to take pictures of it. We were also given a picture of the covered bridge that was in front of the STONE home. We visited the Cemetery, and although there are many STONE paves we were unable to find one for JAMES or RUTH. Many stones had been broken by vandals and destroyed by time, some were in fence rows. One noticeable thing was that the STONE markers that were still there, and in Pataskala were the largest in many instances.


1. Infant, born in 1820/21. Census. Male.

2. IRENE E., born in 1822/23. Married about 1844/45 to THOMAS L. HARRIS, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1821. They were farmers in Etna Twsp and THOMAS was an invalid in 1870. He died in 1877 and is buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery. IRENE died In 1900 and is buried in Klrkersville. See Chart. 29 A

3. CYNTHIA, born in 1824. Married ADAM S. SILER in 1859. They were in Crawford County, Martin Twsp, near the town of Oblong in 1868. No record of CYNTHIA after the Census of 1870. Thought to have died about 1875. See Chart 29A.

ADAM S. SILER married RUTH A. (SMITH) CUNNINGHAM, the widow of WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM on 20-June-1876 in Crawford County. In. The Federal Census for 1870 had shown the two families living side by side in Crawford Co., in. See chart 30 A & B

4. Female, born 1825/1830. In 1840 Census. No further knowledge.


6. Male born 1825/30. Alive In 1840. No further record

7. REBECCA, born 12-Aug-1832. Married to JOHN SMOKE in 1862. JOHN was born in 1827 to Dennis and Elisabeth(Hauser) Smoke. Rebecca and John lived most of their life in Etna Twsp as did his parents. He died in 1915 and REBECCA died 25-Feb-1917 in the home of her daughter, IRENE ETHEL HEADLEE (Mrs. Bert). Both are buried in Kirkersvifle, Licking Co. Ohio. See Chart 500 Chart 31 A & B

Quoting from Morris Schaff's book THE HISTORY OF GRANVILLE, ETNA and KIRXERSVILLE.

"DENNIS SMOKE'S farm was south of ours. He lived in a log house in the center of the field he had cleared with his own strong arms. In this field was the house he reared a large and well respected family. Any boy or girl, who can trace their linage back to them, may well be proud of the blood."

See Chart 29B.

8. ELIZABETH E., born in 1837. Married JOHN W. DAWSON in 1868/69. They bought the Family Grocery Store in Kirkersville and were there until RUTH'S death. I have no further record of her except, there is a POWER of ATTORNEY given to A. L. SIMMONS on 19-Feb1879 to act in her behalf in her absence. Recorded in Vol. 118-Page 173 on 26-Feb-1881. They had one child, LILLIAN, born in 1870. See chart 29

V. STONE, SAMUEL A., born 17-April-1828 in Union Twsp, Licking County. Ohio. Farmed with his father until they built the Grist and Saw Mill at the east side of Kirkersville in about 1849/50. THOMAS MURPHY run the mill and taught SAMUEL the art of dressing mill stones(burrs). SAMUEL became quite skilled in this trade. When JAMES died in 1868/69, they sold the mill because the Doctor (WISEMAN) advised SAMUEL that the dust was affecting his health. In 1870 they were operating a Grocery Store in Kirkersvifle in partnership with his sister ELIZABETH and her husband and their mother. In January of 1871 SAMUEL and JOHN DAWSON bought Lot 12, adjoining theirs from John and Samantha Cunningham. His health was still giving him problems and the Doctor advised him, he should go to a dryer climate. He traveled west with some men looking for new horizons. They hunted buffalo and headed for Colorado, but when they were in Kansas, Samuel found the Railroad was offering land to new settlers for $3. to $7 an acre. He decided this was what he wanted. He bought about 160 Acres, seven miles south of Burlington in Coffee County and returned to Ohio to prepare his family for the trip west. He sold his share of the Grocery Store to ELIZABETH and her husband.

They made the trip by wagons. AUNT ALICE told of her holding the baby (RALPH) on her lap and dropping him in the gutter as they were going through St. Louis. Another happening related by her was of the time her dad (SAMUEL) got his beard caught in the mill wheels and pulled out his whiskers on one side of his face. After that they never grew as long on that side of his face. After arriving in Kansas, they set about building a house and buildings, but SAMUEL had spent most of his money on land and the trip west. CATHERINE had $200 she had inherited and with this, they bought stock and did very well for a while. The ground was poor and after several crop failures they sold this laid and moved on the Neosha River in a log cabin. SAMUEL returned to his old standby of dressing burrs and traveled during the week from Emporia to Chanute providing this service. When he was home, he was working on the house. He was roofing the house on a cold December day, took cold and died that night of a hemorrhage. (13-December-1880). This left CATHERINE with nine children to feed, clothe and care for. She sold this place and bought 80 acres about seven miles west of Leroy, Coffee County in the Crandall Community. In 1980, I visited this area and found the house they lived and a large rock with the name STONE chisled on it. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Arnold were living there and showed us the old dug well so many family stories have been built around. Mr. Arnold's Grandfather had bought the farm from the STONE Family in 1901. We found the graveyard where GRANDPA and GRANDMA STONE and many of the relatives were buried. The cemetery is on the west side of Leroy. It was interesting to find that the Newspaper office, in Leroy has every edition of THE COFFEE COUNTY REPORTER since 1880 In their office. We found the obituary for SAMUEL and CATHERINE, as well as other little articles relating to the family, such as "1889, last Friday, MRS. STONE of Crandall was thrown down and run over by some cattle, dislocating her arm. Dr. Keener adjusted the dislocation and she is getting along nicely at this writing". SAMUEL STONE was a mason. He became a member of the MASONIC LODGE (Royal Arch) Etna No. 212 in July of 1853. When the Lodge ceased to exist, he joined Hebron No 116 in 1856. Later he helped in organizing Lodge No. 404 in Pataskala in 1868. He remained a member until 1873 when he moved his membership to Kansas.


SAMUEL married #1. MARY EMILY O' KANE on 1-January-1855. MARY EMILY was born 3-February-1833 in Fairfield County, Ohio to HENRY and BARBARA (DUNLAP) O'KANE. She died 23-September-1859 and is buried in the Kirkersville Cemetery. See Chart 32A


1. ALICE ESTELLE, born 24-Nov-1855 in Licking Co. Ohio. Married CLINTON C. GALLAHER on 15-Mar-1875 in Burlington, Coffee County, Kansas. CLINTON GALLAHER was born 4-Dec-1848 and died 2-May-1889. After his death, ALICE homesteaded a farm in western Oklahoma. She and her daughter, GERTRUDE, raised broomcorn and tried to survive in the severe country. After several years they returned to Leroy, Kansas and she remained there until her death on 7-April1934. Both are buried in the Leroy Cemetery.


A. GERTRUDE GALLAHER, born 24-November-1876 in Leroy, Kansas. At a young age, she had a severe illness, which left her deaf. She never married. She passed away on 8-Mar1937 and is buried in the Leroy Cemetery.

B, SAMUEL J. GALLAHER, born 2-Nov-1878 and died 28 Nov-1891. He is buried in the Leroy Cemetery.

C. CARL C. GALLAHER, born 11-Nov-1880 in the Carndall Community near Leroy. He married on 20-Dec-1905 to ELLA FRANCES SHANNON, the daughter of Harvey and Sallie (Shane) Shannon. ELLA was born 14-Feb-1882 and died 12-July-1942. CARL died 24-Jan-1972. Both are buried in the Leroy Cemetery.


a. OLIN H. GALLAHER, born 24-Feb-19O9 and died 27-July-1911.

b. FRANCES LAVERNE GALLAHER, born 16-Sop1915 in Neoshe Falls, Kansas. Married 24-Sep-1944 to CLAUDE C. SKILIMAN in Topeka Kansas. CLAUDE was born 5-Aug-1910 in Burlington Kan. to Floyd and Adeline (Kelly) Skillman. During my research, they have be come very dear friends. See Chart 32 A..

2. ALBERT G., born 8-Oct-1857. Died 9-Apr-1861. Buried in Kirkersville Cemetery Cemetery alongside his mother.

SAMUEL A. STONE married #2. CATHERINE O' KANE on 17-July-1861. CATHERINE, a sister of MARY EMILY, was born 25-Apr-1839. CATHERINE died 18-May-1897 near Leroy Kansas and is buried alongside SAMUEL in the Leroy Cemetary. See Chart 33A.



CARRIE MAY, born 9-May-1862 in Kirkersville, Ohio. Taught school in Coffee County Kansas. Married #1. JOHN B. SCOTT. Married #2. CLYDE M. SUTTON and moved to Oklahoma in Kay County and farmed Southeast of Tonkawa. She died 28-Oct-1926. CLYDE was born 29-Mar1876 and died 20-Jan-1948. Both are buried in IOOF Cem., near Tonkawa.

2. MARY ELIZABETH, born 9-Mar-1864 in Kirkersville, Ohio. Married 2-June-1886 to HURST REDFERN, who was born 1-Mar-1854 in Ohio, the son of Austin Nelson and Mary (Leach) Redfern. They were farmers and HURST was a Livestock Dealer. MARY died 11-Mar-1942 and HURST died 21-Jan-1926. Both are buried in Leroy Cemetery. See Chart 33A.


A. GUY REDFERN, born 18-Dec-1894. Married MARGARET McCONNEL on 29-Aug-1958. He was a Mason. MARGARET died 25-Jul-1971 and GUY died 3-Dec-1979. Both are buried in the Uiderwood Cemetery near Lawrence Kansas. He was a Telegraph Operator and Cashier for Santa Fe Rail Road.


JAMES HENRY, born 4-Apr-1866 in Kirkersville, Ohio. Married MARGARET ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) BREWINGTON on 29-Dec-1887. LIZZIE was born 2-Oct-1864 in Cowley County Kansas to NOAH and MARGARET B. (Smith) BREWINGTON. They lived awhile in Elk County, Kansas. They later moved to Arkansas City, where they awaited the Opening of the Cherokee Strip. They staked their ground about 3 miles south east of what is now Tonkawa, Kay County, Oklahoma. Here they built the home they would raise their family in. Later they moved into Tonkawa, where they spent the remainder of their life. LIZZIE died 15-Dec-1945 and JAMES died 4-Dec-1956. Both are buried in the IOOF Cemetery near Tonkawa. See Chart 34 A

These pictures are enlargements from a photograph taken in 1887.

This picture is identified as "Lizzie Stone". From the set of the mouth and shape of the face I believe it is another photograph of James Henry's wife.


A. JESSE J., born 19-May-1889 in Geneva Kansas. Married MARGARET YAGLE. JESSE died 3-Mar-1938 and is buried in the IOOF Cemetary near Tonkawa. See Chart 34.

B. LOLA ELIZABETH, born 17-Dec-1890 in Geneva Kansas. Married WILLIAM HENRY SHAWVER on 31-Jan-1909. He died 14-Feb-1925 and LOLA died 18-Jan-1969. Both are buried in the IOOF Cemetery near Tonkawa . See Chart 34.

C. AUSTIN W., born 3-OCT-1894. Died 5-Oct-1896. Buried IOOF Cemetery at Tonkawa.

D&E. Twins-Male-Born and Died 18-Mar-1896.

F. MARY BELL, born 18-Mar-1897. Married#1. EDWARD SCHAFER. MARY owned Dress Shops in Tonkawa and Blackwell Oklahoma. EDWARD died in 1976. MARY Married #2. CLARK JENKINS and in 1982 was living in Houston Texas. See Chart 34. Issue 3.

C. EVERETT MILTON, born 15-Sep-1905 near Tonkawa.Married on 1-Dec-1924 in Kansas City to MARION LEWIS MILLER, who was born 2-May1907 to Dr. Arthur and Ida E. (dawes) Miller. EVERETT is a Farmer and they have lived most of their lives in Gilliam, Missouri. See Chart 34-Issue 3

4. CHARLES THURMAN, born 5-Sep-1867 in Kirkersville, Licking County, Ohio. Married in October of 1892 to MARGARET M. GARDENER, who was born on 19-Aug-1869 to William and Sarah (Jones) Gardener in Hazeldel Indiana. CHARLES farmed and was a coal mine operator near Lamar Missouri, CHARLES THURMAN died 10-Feb-1931 and MAGGIE died 21-Apr-1945. Both are buried in the Milford Twsp Cemetary in Barton County, Missouri near Lamar. See Chart 33.A


A. DENZIL DALE, born 22-Aug-1893 in Barton County, Missouri. Married on 12-Aug-1912 in Stockton. Missouri to ROSE LONG, who was born on 9-Sept-1893 in Dade Missouri to Daniel J. and Mary Helen (Cole) Long. DENZIL died 5-Nov-1979 and is buried in St. James Cemetery in lamar, Missouri. See Chart 33.A

B. EDWIN C., born 22-Dec-1895 and died the same day. Buried St. James Cemetery in Lamar.

C. EDITH E., born 22-Dec-1895 (twin to EDWIN) died 12-Jan-1896. Buried in St. James Cemetery.

D. DENVER DAWSON, born 7-May-1905. Married 1-June-1932 to JENNIE A. HOGGINS in Springfield Missouri. DENVER died 3-Apr-1968 and is buried in Milford Twsp Cemetary. No issue.

E. ORMAL LEE (TEEDY), born 14-Aug-1908 Married. 16-July-1932 in Springfield, Missouri to DELBERT GESSLEIN, who was born 22-Apr 1908 in Curranville, Kansas to WASTA and Annabell (Allan) Gesslein. See Chart 33A.

F. CHARLES OLIN, born 29-Apr-1911. Died July-1911. Buried in Milford Twsp Cem.


6. RALPH HOLLAND, born 11-Mar-1870 in Kirkersville, County, Ohio. Married ALDA HICKMAN on 17-Jan-1898 in Redman, Illinois. ALDA was born 26-Dec-1875 in Illinois to Cornelius and Persena Susan (Hanna) Hickman. They moved to Oklahoma soon after the Opening of the Cherokee Strip and bought a farm southeast of Tonkawa, Kay County, Oklahoma. Here they raised their family and in about 1925 built a home in Tonkawa, where they lived for the remainder of their lives. RALPH died 26-Dec-1945 and ALDA died 26-Oct-1968. Both are buried in the IOOF Cemetery near Tonkawa, Okla. We lived near them most of my life and I have the fondest of memories for them. The many Family Get-Togethers, which I remember as always happy times with lots of joking and laughter. See Charts 35 A


A. VERA CATHERINE, born 28-May-1899 in Leroy, Coffee County, Kansas. Married on 20-July 1921 to KENNETH SMITH, who was born on 13-April-1899 in Pettis County, Missouri to Jesse and Dora Smith. VERA taught school before her marriage. They raised their Family on a farm south east of Tonkawa. They were devout Baptist. VERA died 25-January-1979 and is buried in the IOOF Cernetary near Tonkawa. See Chart 35A & 36 A

B. OLIN RALPH, born 17-May-1901 near Gridley, Kansas in Coffee County. Married on 6-April-1921 in Medford, Grant County, Oklahoma to NELLIE VIRGIE MUSSELMAN. NELLIE was born 13-Nov-1905 in Tonkawa, Oklahoma to Welts Bird and Eleanora Marie Musselman. NELLIE died 30-August-1973 in Coeur de Clans, Idaho, while they were on vacation. She is buried in the IOOF Cemetery near Tonkawa, Oklahoma. See Chart 35 A.

C. FRANCES ALDA ELEANOR, born 1-April-1906 near Tonkawa, Okla. Married ELRA HOBSON FULTON in 1925. She was well known in Oklahoma and Colorado as a landscape Artist. She had Studios in Ponca City and Tahlequah Oklahoma and in Buena Vista, Colorado. She taught her craft in many areas. She died 16-May-1977 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and is buried in the IOOF Cemetary near Tonkawa, Okla. HOBSON died in Arizona in 1975. See Chart 35 A

D. INFANT, born 14-January-1910. Buried in IOOF Cemetery near Torikawa, Okla

7. JOHN CLARENCE, born 14-February-1872 near Burlington, Coffee County, Kansas. Married, in Leroy Kansas on 25-October-1899 to TINA MAY HEMPY. TINA MAY was born 12 March-1874 to Isaac and Ann B. (Smart) Hempy. The following remark is found in the HISTORY OF THE STATE OF KANSAS by A. T. Andreas-1883.

"ISAAC HEMPY, farmer--P.O. Leroy, was born in Ohio in 1831 and in 1860 went to California. In 1866 returned to Ohio and in 1880 came to Kansas and located on a farm in Leroy, Coffee County. He was married to Miss Arm E. Smart, a native of Ohio. They had four children: Maggie L., Thomas C., Wilbur J., and Tena M. He is a member of the IOOF and of the Method Episcopal Church. While in California he mined".

ELVIN said his Grandfather Hempy mined and fashioned a ring for his Grandmother, which is still in the family. JOHN was a barber in Leroy. He made the run into the Cherokee Strip with his brother JAMES and took a piece of ground where the Three Sands Oil Field later developed. Because the ground was poor, he sold and bought a farm near Lone Elm, Kansas. later they sold this and bought an Orange Grove near McAllen, Texas, and remained her until their deaths. JOHN died in 1950 and TINA MAY died in 1953. Both are buried in McAllen, Hidalgo County, Texas. See Chart 33A.


A. IDRISS O. (INEZ), born 27-Aug-1900 in Leroy, Kansas. Died 20-Dec-1903. Buried in Leroy Cemetery near the graves of her Grandparent..

B. ALMA CLEONE, born 22-Oct-1902 in Lone Elm, Kansas. Married #1. COLLINS . Married #2. OSCAR BORCHARDT on 21-Feb-1935 at Harlingen Texas. They owned an Orange Ranch near Halingen until the death of OSCAR. In 1982 ALMA was in a Rest Hone in Uvalde, Texas.

C. ELVIN CHARLES, born 16-March-1905 in Lone Elm, Kansas. Married HELEN ARMILDA HEIN on 10-Dec-1927 in Edinburg, Texas. Helen is the daughter of Henry and Martha (Engleman) Hein. Her father was born in Odessa Russia and her mother was born in Cologne Germany. They lived in Denver Colorado most of their lives, where ELVIN was in business. No issue.

D. VIRGIL DEAN, born 4-Oct-1908 in Lone Elm, Kansas. Married ELSIE .... 17-Aug-1930. In1982 they were living in Seagoville, Texas.

8. GEORGE SHERMAN, born 2-Sep-1874 near Burlington, Kansas. Died 22-Sept-1875.

9. FRANK HUGH MAYBERRY, born 28-Dec-1875 near Leroy, Kansas. Married in 1908/09 to BESSIE VERNETTA KILLION, who was born 6-Sep-1892 and died 12-Mar.-1963 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. FRANK married #2. MYRTLE GARDENER, a sister to MARGARET (MAGGIE) who was married to CHARLES STONE. BESSIE married #2, J.S.GREEN. FRANK is buried In Milford TWSP Cemetery near Lamar, Missouri and BESSIE is buried in Borger Texas, where she had spent most of her life. See chart 38 A


A. MARVIN JESSE, born 27-Oct-1909 in Ronano, Oklahoma. Married in Pampa, Texas on 25-Mar-1935 CLEONE WEST, who was born 1-Jan-1914 in McClean, Texas to William Gray and Earle (Neill) West. Marvin worked for Philips Petroleum in Texas most of his life. After his retirement, they purchased a home in Durango, Colorado, where they live.

B. EVELYN FRANCES, born 12-August-1914 in Romona, Oklahoma. Married HAROLD JOHN CARIS He worked for Philips Oil Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and they have lived there most of their lives.

10. RUTH VASHITA, born 9-Jan-1877 near Burlington, Kansas. Ruth and Frank lived on the home place, after their Mother passed away until it was sold in 1902. Married JIM HUNTER and lived in Romona for the next few years. Her son, ROY HUNTER visited with me last year and told me of some of his memories. He remembered that his mother was very sick in Romona and her brother, CHARLEY, came to Oklahoma and got him and his mother and took them to his home near Lamar, Missouri in a covered wagon. She married #2, TOM BENDER KRIEDER and lived near Springfield, Missouri until her death on 5-December1945. She is buried in Maple Park Cemetery at Springfield, Missouri. See Chart 39A.


A. ROY STONE HUNTER, born 5-May-1905 In Romoma, Oklahoma. Married on 8-Nov-1926 to ROSELLA FINKBINER in Marshfield, Missouri. She was born 18-Dec-1905 in Springfield, Missouri to Diamond and Betty Ann (Hendrix) Finkbiner. ROY and his family lived in West Plains, Missouri most of their lives. He had a Machine Shop, but has now retired and they live there.

B. Roy had a picture of the funeral of twin girls. I know nothing more about them.

STONE, WILLIAM THOMAS, born 12-Dec-1868 in Kirkersville, Licking County, Ohio. Spent most of his young life near Leroy, Kansas. Hunting and fishing on the Neoshe River. Worked on the Crandall Ranch, but in 1890 worked for the Kansas State Asylum in Oswatomie, Kansas as Dairyman and Overseer of the lawn. Worked for the Missouri Pacific Pacific Railway. He was employed by Metropolitan Cable of Kansas City October of 1902 until October of 1904. He was proud of the fact that he was allowed to make the first run of a Cable Car in Kansas City. Sometime in these years he spent some time in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There were several receipts among his things to indicate he funded a State Campaign for "Peoples Party" in Topeka and Quenemo Kansas. He was a qualified voter in the City of Oswatomie in 1900. I found among his things, a letter from each place of employment, recommending him highly as a good man for any position. In 1903/04 he went to Billings, Oklahoma and with his cousin, Frank Redfern, put in a Grocery Store. This did not work out too well because of their generosity with credit. ANNA BACK was clerking in the Dry Goods store in Billings at the same time, they ate in same cafe and soon he started courting her. They were married on 11-July-1907 by George F. Dennis (Minister). Mrs. Olive Wagener and his brother, Ralph were witnesses. He had always wanted to farm, Brother Ralph was living and farming southeast of Tonkawa and Indian land was being leased across the river from him and Bill was able to get a lease on 40 Acres near the 101 Ranch. Soon he was able to buy this and add more land to it. Although he raised corn and wheat, his first love was truck farming, and caring for his orchard. After the birth and death of their oldest child in 1909, ANNA joined him in the Reservation. They lived here and farmed their own land until it became necessary to move into a school district. For the following years they lived on what was known as the "Jeffery Ranch" and the BIRDSNEST school District. They farmed and. raised stock on this 320 Acres as well as continue to tend their own land. In 1923 they built a new home in Tonkawa on the corner of 7th Street and Stone Avenue. He continued to farm until his death on June 10, 1935. ANNA maintained the home and farm and raised and educated the children. She died August 23, 1955. Both are buried in the IOOF Cemetary near Tonkawa. See Chart 39.


1. CATHERINE LOUISE, born 27-Dec-1908 in Billings, Okla. Died 22-Jan-1909 and is buried is the Billings Cemetery, earlier called the White Rock Cemetary. ELDER ROLLA G..SEARS held the service in the home of P. G. Back.



WILLIAM PHILIP, born 18-June-1918 on the "Jeffery Ranch" near Marland (Bliss), Oklahoma. Married (wife living). He died here on 17-Oct-1963 and was buried from the the St. Philips Episcopal Church in the Hills to the South lawn Cemetery.


A. Living Male

B. Living Male

4. VIRGIL EUGENE, born 16-Sept-1923 in Billings, Noble County, Oklahoma. Graduated from Tonkawa High School, where played football. Joined the Navy and served on the Kitty Hawk during World WAR II. After he was discharged, he returned to Tonkawa, where he farmed. Married 13-February-1954 in Pondcreek Oklahoma to MARION M. (KILEGA) BURNS. Died 12-April-1978 arid is buried in the IOOF Cemetery near Tonkawa. No issue.

VII STONE, HELEN NADINE, born 9-Aug-1910 on a farm near the 101 Ranch and Ponca City, Oklahoma. Attended grade school at the BIRDNEST Rural School. HELEN lived with her Grandmother, Mrs. Louise Back during her 7th Grade and went to school, The Family moved to Tonkawa in 1923 and she finished her schooling there. Graduated from High School in 1928 and went to work for Southwestern Bell the same year. Received her Associate Degree from Tonkawa Junior College in 1931 and attended Central Oklahoma Teachers College in Edmond, Oklahoma. Married on 17-Sept-1939 to BURRTON GLENN Woodruff II. He was born on 25-June-1907 in Caddo County, Oklahoma, the son of Burrton Glenn and Emma Bell (Bentley) Woodruff. Passed the Real Estate examination to sell Real Estate in Kansas in 1959 and was active in this field until they retired and moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1970. See Chart 39A


1. Living Male. Two Male issue.

2. Living Male

3. Living Male. Two female and two male issue.

4. Living Male. Two female and one male issue.

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