My object in presenting this manuscript is not one of ANCESTORY WORSHIP, but to pass on to our children the high regard and esteem I feel for the STONE name. That they may know, that which identifies them as a descendant of a self reliant, Industrious and adventurous family that helped to blaze the frontier in the development of America. Perhaps it is good to remember the past, as a guide to the present and a hope for the future.

My thanks to the generosity of many relatives and the cooperation of a great many persons in Courthouses, Historical Libraries and Societies ant to the number of helpful friends that I have acquired during my search.

I have been unable to prove the origin of the family into America, but it is generally accepted that they were among those who came from England in the sixteen hundreds. Perhaps some day another STONE descendant will feel the desire to use this as a guideline and establish the ancestory that I have not been able to achieve. My files consist of many wills, land grants, documents, deeds and documents that may be of assistance.

It is believed the name STONE was established in England and became a surname because many lived in the area of the STONEHENGE and were known as the families who lived near the big stones. The first STONE, I can prove to be a direct ancestor was THOMAS STONE of Prince William County Virginia.

Helen Stone Woodruff

Modified Tuesday, March 19, 2002