IGNATIOUS DIRINGER and wife MAGDALENE and family were on the same boat to America as MAXAMIN (MAXAMILION) MEISBURGER with wife HANNAH (MARGARET ANNA) and eight children. Both families settled in the Booneville, Missouri area.

I. DIRINGER, FRANCOIS JOSEPH, born about 1772. Lived and probably married in Gueberschwihr, District of Ribeauville, France. Married ANNA MARIE BIRINGER, who was born about 1769 Joseph died 25-June-1811 as stated In marriage record of IGNACE. This entry also verifies this death date: "JACQUES BIRINGER, as brother-in-law declared FRANCOIS JOSEPH DIRINGER, aged 39 years, died In his domicile house situated out the town gate". ANNA MARIE BIRINGER, widow of JOSEPH DIRINGER died here (Herrlisheim) in her house "out of the southern gate" at the age of 64."



II. DIRINGER, IGNACE, born 12-August-1804 in Gueberschwihr, District of Ribeauville, France. (24 thermidor year 12). Married on 10-May-1832 to MARIE MADELEINE BACH. who was born on 27-October-1804 (the vndiemiare year 13 of French Republic) to JEAN LOUIS BACH, a SCHOOL MASTER and MARIA MADELEINE NE BRAUNEISEN. JEAN LOUIS BACH was born about 1767. His death record reads:

"Died 2-Februaxy-1829 here (Herrlisheim, France). MICHEL BACH, School master, 30 years old, son of the deceased and FRANCOIS JOSEPH BACH, son aged 31 years, who declared that JEAN WU333 BACH, BACH, School Master, husband of MARIE MADELEINE BRAUNEISEN died in this place at the age of 62 years years."

IGNATIUS (IGNACE) and wife MARIE MADELEINE arrived in Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri in May of 1848 along with the MEISBURGER Family. IGNACE, along with other citizens in Boonville organized the BOONVILLE WINE COMPANY, the largest Vineyard In the area. The Area was soon known to have the beat vineyards in the country. later he moved into Boonville and took up Blaksmithing. This busIness continued In the family for many years. I have no death dates on either, but they are buried In the Catholic Cemetary in Boonville, Missouri. The markers appear to be on the lot of MICHAEL DIRINGER.



2. ROSA.

ROSA, born about 1835 in Herrlisheim, France. Married about 1856 to ANDY GANTER who was born about 1835 in Baden, Germany. He was by trade a Brick and Stone Contractor. He died 5-October-1890 and she died 9-December-1912. Both are buried In the Catholic Cemetary in Boonville, Missouri.
These portraits are from their wedding picture. Several of the Back men worked in the Ganter brick and stone company.


A. LEWIS (LOUIS), born 21-November-1861 in Boonville. Missouri. He was married to SOPHIE __________, who was born 30-July-1864. LOUIS died 26-January-1947 and SOPHIE died 5-Docember-1954. Both are buried in the Catholic Cemetary In Boonville, Mo.

B. FRANK, born in December of 1859.

3. JERDOWIE (LEWIS), born about 1837/38 in France. Married LOUISA _________ in 1869. He was a Blacksmith. He died In 1914 and she in 1933. Both are buried In the Catholic Cemetary at Boonville, Missouri.


A. MARY, born In November of 1877.

B. WILLIAM. born in June of 1882.

C. FLORA, born November of 1884.

D. CLARENCE, born in August of 1887.

E. FERINAND, born in April of 1891.

F. VIOLA, born April of 1893.

G. ADELAID, married on 9-November-1898 to W. J. STRETZ in Cooper County by Theodore Kussman (Priest).

4. IGNATIOUS (IGNACE), born about 1842 in France. Enlisted in Calvary for Civil War at Waynesville, Missouri on 16-August-1863. Mustered in on August-18-1863 in Rolla, Missouri. Remustered as Veteran on 6-Septamber-1864.

5. MICHAEL, born 12-November-1843 In France. Married 29-October-1968 to MARGARET MITCHELL (MEISTRELL) by E. Hillner (Priest). He was a Wagon Manufacturer In Boonville, Joined the Home Gaurd in July of 1861. Discharged 21-Dec-1864. He died 29-October-1907 in Booneville, Missouri. Margaret born 24-Dec-1843 In Chariton, Missouri and died 15-September-1917. Both are buried in the Catholic Cemetary at Boonville, Missouri.


A. FRANK I., born 21-December-1869 and died 16-February-1870. Buried in Catholic Cemetary.

B. JOHNN, born in 1870. Died 12-September-1872. Buried in Catholic Cemetary at Boonville, Missouri.

C. MARY C.,, born 1-March-1873. Died 15-June-1873. Buried In Catholic Cemetary at Boonville, Mo.

D. HENRY JOSEPH, born 2-October-1876. Died 21-April-1881. Buried In Catholic Cemetary in Boonville.

E. FRANK J., born in 187). Was a Musician in the Spanish American War.

F. EMILIA (AMELIA) born May of 1880. Married DAVID E. KELCH of Hamiliton, Ohio on 17-January-1907. She was a Miliner in Boonville, Missouri.

G. CATHERINE (STELLA), born in 1881,

6. ANNA MARY, born 10-October-1847, perhaps in France, but more likely on the boat. Died 19-July-1914 and is buried in the Catholic Cemetary at Boonville. She was "deaf" and because of this could not talk. She was a fine Seamstress. Her family was often amused at her. When she made a mistake in her sewing, she would stomp her foot and say "Damn".

This picture is identified as "Mary Diringer". I don't know whether it is "Anna Mary" or "Mary Magalena".


DIRINGER, MARY MAGDALENA , born 9-March-1834 in Herlisheim, Haute Rhin, France. Married JOHN MEISBURGER on 12-April-1857. They lived most of their married life in Kelly Twsp near Bunceton, Cooper County, Missouri. She died in the home of her son, JOE, in Kansas City, Missouri. She Is buried along side her husband , JOHN in the Catholic Cemetary in Boonville, Missouri.


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