I. BENTLEY, WILLIAM, born about 1588 in England. He was a sturdy exponent of the "New Light" Baptist Faith and was active in establishing this faith along the East Coast. There is little doubt that he was the ancestor of the many BENTLEY names on Baptist Registers throughout the United States, He was married to a MARY In England, and although I could find no record of her arrival in America, it appears she was in Boston with him. Should this be the same WILLIAM BENTLEY, who came on the TRUELOVE, and the same WILLIAM BENTLEY, who died In Kingston, Rhode Island in 1691 he would have been about 103 years old at his death.


1. MARY, born about 1615 in England Came to America on the DEFENCE In 1635, aged 20 years.

2. JOHN.

3. ALICE, born about 1620 in England. Came to America on the TRUELOVE in 1635, aged 15 years,



6. WILLIAM, was a currier, living in Kings Town, Rhode Island, April of 1705, he had liberty granted to him to set up a house, convenient for carrying on his currying trade. On 29-July-1679, along with his father and forty others of Narragansett, Rhode Island, sent a petition to the King praying that,

"he would put an end to these differences about the government, thereof, which hath been so fatal to the prosperity of the place; animosities still arising people's minds, as they stand affected to this or their government."

He was made a Freeman in 1712 Married to SARAH ELDRIDGE, widow of Samuel Eldridge. She had a son, John from her first marriage. WILLIAM BENTLEY'S Will was executed and proven in 1720 in Kings Town, Rhode Island. SARAH died a little later.






e. JANE, married to WHITMAN.

II. BENTLEY, JOHN, born about 1618 In England. He came to America in 1635 on the TRUELOVE, aged 17 years. He died in Charlestown, Rhode Island on 20-November-1690. It is known he had a son at that time named Richard, who had a wife, MARGARET. There were other children, not named, very possible a son JOHN who was born in about 1674 and married a girl from New Jersey.



2. JOHN,

III. BENTLEY, JOHN, born about 1674. Married MARY JEFFERIES MILES, who was born in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. From a Manuscript sent to Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in 1981 by the Family of RICHARD L. BENTLEY (handwritten and very hard to decipher) states that

" 100 Acres of land was granted to JOHN BENTLEY on August 14, 1704 in Pennsylvania. The material Indicated the information had been taken from a Family Bible, and that the Family had indeed originated in BENTLEY HALL in Staffordshire, England."

JOHN BENTLEY Will was dated 31-May-1748 and written in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Sons, JEFFERY and JOHN to be Administrators with a bond of 800 pounds Lawful money. The first Inventory was presented to the court from East Fallowfield Township on 8-June-1748. An appraisment praisment of Real Property was made on 6-Oct-1748. 125 Acres in possession of JOHN BENTLEY and 130 Acres in possession of ROBERT CHALFANT. Final settlement made 19-June-1762.

MARY JEFFERIES MILES BENTLEY made her will, dated 22-May-1759 in the Township of Newlin, Chester County, Pennsylvania. A partial copy of her Will follows:

IMPRIMIS: I give and bequeath to the ReverendWm OWEN THOMAS$ Minister of the Baptist Church in the forks ofBrandywine, the sum of five pounds, current money to be raised and levied out of my Estate by My Well Beloved Sons, JEFFERY BENTLEY and JOHN BENTLEY, whom I do hereby constitute and appoint sole Executors

ITEM: I give unto my said Executors, each the sum of One English Crown.

ITEM: I give to my Son-in-law, THOMAS BAGLEY & SARAH, his wife, each of them, One English Crown.

ITEM: I give to my Son-in-law, ROBERT CHALFANT the the sum of one English Crown.

ITEM: I give and bequeath all and singular my goods, Chattels, Bonds, Cash, Bills, Notes and effects whatsoever in anyways belonging to me or in my possession or named belonging to me to be equally divided between my Grandchildren..that is to say the children of JEFFERY BENTLEY, JOHN BENTLEY and my two daughters, ANN CHALFANT and SARAH BAGLEY, except the afore names and bequeathed sums and also thirty nine pounds which my Son-in-law, ROBERT CHALFANT justly owed me and hath kept from me for many years, which said sum of money shall be taken Out of my whole estate and be equally divided between the children of my two sons, JEFFERY BENTLEY, JOHN BENTLEY and my daughter SARAH, wife of THOMAS BAGLEY and then afterwards, my daughter ANN CHALFANT, deceased, her children then shall come in for an equal share with my other Grandchildren.

Her Will was presented to court on April 26, 1760 An Inventory was presented 22-May-1760.



2. MARY, married WILLIAM McMATHER. I did not find her named in either Will but she is named in BENTLEY Lineage from Salt take City.

3. JOHN, married #1-PRUDENCE JONES and #2-ELIZABETH.Died about 1789.


a. WILLIAM, born 1752. Married MARG. MILLER.

b. ROBERT, died 1804.

c. JESSE, married in 1771 to LYDIA CHALFANT.

d. BEZALEEL, married 15-Mar-1770 to CATHERINE HOUSE LTTTLE (widow).

e. TAMAR, married to MAEUR or HENTY McCLEAR on 13-Nov-1769.

f. SARAH, married POWEL and had issueJOHN.

4. ANN, married to ROBERT CHALFANT, son of John Chalfant Jr. She was deceased at the time her mother wrote her Will.


a. JOHN.

b. MARY, married BONNAL.

c. JANE, married FEN.

d. ANN, married LIGGERT (or LIGGET).


f. ELIZABETH, married WAY.

5. SARAH, married in 1734 to THOMAS BAILEY, son of Joel Bailey and was born in 1701 and died In 1754.



b. MARY, married CALEB HAYS at Swedes Church, Wilmington.

c. JOHN.


e. THOMIRA, married Wm LEONARD.

f. ANN.



6. JOSEPH, may have died as a Infant.

IV. BENTLEY, JEFFERY, born about 1700, Married #1-ELEANOR BANNER and #2-RUTH. JEFFERY was married to ELEANOR by 1729 and listed as a member of the church at Brandywine in 1770. 1 believe her to be the Mother of the children of JEFFERY BENTLEY.


"The church at Brandwine was erected in 1742 on land given by JEFFERY BENTLEY, The first preaching was done In the house of JOHN BENTLEY and after his death the meetings were held in the home of JEFFERY BENTLEY, near where HARVEY'S Mill stood in 1770. JOHN was Deacon until his death, when JEFFERY was made Deacon".

His Will was written 8-June-1777 and the first appraisal presented in March of 1779. A portion of the Will follows:

"2ndly: to my beloved wife, Ruth, the roand mare, her saddle, her choice of two of the milch cows, the best feather bed, bolster and pillows, the woolen rug and coverlids, two blankets and two sheets, all the crop In and out of the ground of every kind, half of the cheese, two hogs, a beef cow or beef and pork of its value, the little brass kettle & teakettle to her and her heirs.

3rdly: I give.....to my wife, RUTH, all the benefits and privedges of the Plantation for the term of seven years (in case she remains a widow) or until my Grandson, THOMAS SHIELDS comes to Lawfull age& She paying 3 pounds yearly and every year to my Executor. Twenty shillings of which is to be paid yearly and every year to the REV. MR. GRIFFITH or any other Minister that may supply at the Meetinghouse by Brandywine in the Township of Newlin, and the other 40 shillings to be laid out yearly for repairing the building or fences, as my Executor shall think or judge to be most necessary. I further will that after the expiration of any of the terms abovesaid that she (RUTH) to have during her widowhood, the stone end of the dwelling house with that part of the Plantation lying on the east side of the groat road leading by the house (the lower meadow excepted half of the woodland adjoining the same and half of the barn and stabling to be for the use of the other half of the Plantation). The clock, chest of drawers, table, chairs and furniture belonging to the stone room,he two least of the Iron pots and half of the pewter

4thly: I give and bequeath to my son, GEORGE BENTLEY, the sum of Twenty shillings, Lawful money

5thly: I give to my sons, JOSHIA & HENRY BENTLEY my wearing apparel, to be equally divided

6thly: I give to my two Grandchildren, DAVID & DORCAS DAVIS, the sum of one dollar each.

7thly: I give to my Grandson, ABSALOM BENTLEY, two ewes.

8thly; I give to my son JOSEPH BENTLEY the sum of One dollar.

9thly; I will .... after my wife's decease (or in case she marries) that the clock be given to my daughter, MARGARET SHIELDS, the chest of drawers to my Granddaughter, ELEANOR SHIELDS & share alike pots, half of the pewter, table and chairs as heretofore willed to my wife during her widowhood. to be equally divided between my Granddaughters, daughters of MARGARET SHIELDS.

10thly; It is my will that the remaining part of my personal estate be sold and divided between my daughter, MARGARET SHIELDS and her daughters.

11thly; I will my lands and tenements (containing 150 Acres more or less) to my Grandson, THOMAS SHIELDS, son of my daughter, MARGARET (above named) to him forever. He is to have possession of one half when he comes of age and the other half at my wife's decease or ceases to be a widow.

12thly; I do hereby appoint THOMAS HESLEP Executor this eighth day of June, One thousand seven hundred and seventy seven 1777."


1. MARY, died unmarried before 1777,

2. GEORGE, married JANE CHARTER (or CARSON). Born about 1726 He settled in Washington County, Pennsylvania.


a. JOHN.



d. SHASHBAZZAR, married HANNAH BALDWIN In 1773 and moved to Washington Co. Penn.

e. MARY, born 15-Dec-1754, married JOHN WORTH, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Carter) Worth. She passed away 20-Dee-1830. This Is the same Samuel Worth, who witnessed the Will of MARY BENTLEY in 1760.






3. CALEB, unmarried, died before 1777

4. JOHN, married TAMAR BENTLEY (not named in Will but Is In BENTLEY Lineage from LDS. May have been the parents of ABSOLM BENTLEY named in his grandfathers Will.

5, JOSHUA, may have married ... DAVIS or MARY CARR.

6. HENRY, alive in 1777,



a. a daughter (unnamed)



8. DORCAS, married to THOMAS DAVIS.





V. BENTLEY, JOSEPH, born about 1727 In Chester County, Pennsylvania. He wrote his will 6-Sep-17?4 and speaks of himself as a YEOMAN. (according to the dictionary "one belonging to a class of English Freeholders below the Gentry"). His will was proven In 1778 He married MARY THATCHER in 1746/47. MARY was disowned by the Concord Quaker Church on 4-May-1748 for having married a non-Quaker. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Wyeth) Thatcher, who had been married at Concord on 10-May-1727. The Thatcher Family were devoted Quakers. MARY THATCHER BENTLEY was reinstated into the Quaker Belief on 7-Dec-1785 and granted a certificate in 1786 to move her membership from Concord to Bradford. MARY BENTLEY wrote her will on 6-Sep1796 and It was proven on 8-Feb-1799.

A portion of the Will of JOSEPH BENTLEY follows:

"IMPRIMIS; I give unto my Dear and Loving wife, MARY BENTLEY, the home. I likewise constitute and ordain her my only and sole Executrix of this my last will. After all Is paid She is to have all my lands and tenements to her ...

ITEM;...my Loving son, JEFFERY BENTLEY...Twenty shillings

ITEM;...my Loving son, ELLIS BENTLEY...Twenty Shillings

ITEM;...my Loving son, ELI BENTLEY ...Twenty shillings

ITEM;...my Loving son BANNER BENTLEY...Twenty shilling's

ITEM; I give...the remainder of my Estate to my Lovingwife, MARY BENTLEY to dispose of between my other children, that is--CALEB BENTLEY, GE0RGE BENTLEY, JOSEPH BENTLEY and my daughter, JANE BENTLEY."

A portion of the Will of MARY BENTLEY follows :

"It Is my desire my Body be decently intered in FRIENDS BURYING GROUND .........

ITEM; my wearing apparel to be equally divided between my two sisters, HANNAH TAYLOR and JANE MILLER

ITEM; to MARY, the widow of my son, JEFFERY BENTLEY, and his three children, JOSEPH, ELEANOR and JONATHAN BENTLEY..ten pounds apiece.

ITEM; to ELLIS BENTLEY, one silver dollar.

ITEM; to ELI BENTLEY, one silver dollar.

ITEM; to BANNER BENTLEY, or hie heirs, fifteen pounds apiece.

ITEM: to CALEB BENTLEY, and to his heirs thirty five pounds.

ITEM;..to GEORGE BENTLEY, my clock and case, also forty pounds

ITEM; to JOSEH BENTLEY, my Big Bible and thirty five pounds

ITEM: to my Grandson, REUBON AGNEW my bed and bedding, my case of drawers, drying box, coffee mill, pewter and small particles of house furniture, now in possession of his father, THOMAS AGNEW. also thirth pounds to be put out to interest and he to receive that and the Increase when he arrives at the age of twenty one.

LASTLY: I nominate my well beloved son, CALEB BENTLEY and my Trusty son-in-law, THOMAS AGNEW to be my sole Executors."


1. JEFFERY, born 21-Sept-1747. Married MARY LEONARD. His will dated 10-Aug-1775, made in Uwchain Township, Chester County, Penn. said he was a YEOMAN from Guilford County, North Carolina. He appointed hiswife, MARY and his brother, BANNER BENTLEY as administratorix and administrator of his estate, He also asked that PETER D....., JOHN BEAL and JOSEPH LEONARD of Guilford, North Carolina be appointed guardians of his children, namely; JOSEPH, ELEANOR and JONATHAN.His will was proven 31-Aug-1775 and filed 21-Sept-1775.


a. JOSEPH, lived in Fayette County, Ohio

b. ELEANOR, may have married the father of Berryman Jennings.

c. JONATHAN, born in 1775. Married SARAH BEDSAW of Grayson County, Virginia and died In Moultrie County, Illinois. He served in the war of 1812

2. ELLIS, born 5-Aug-1749. Married ALICE EDMONDS in 1770.


a. JANE.

b. JAMES .


3. ELI, Born 16-Feb-1752 in Concorde Chester, County. Penn. Married MARY HUNTER on 20-Nov-1772 in Maryland. He was in the Revolutionary War and died in 1822 In Maryland and is buried in Tarrytown, Maryland.


a. ELI P., born In about 1794 in Virginia. Married HARRIOT SPRICE In Maryland. He died in Highland County, Ohio, and was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetary, Later the graves were moved to the Hillsboro Cemetary. He was spoken of at his time as COL. ELI P. BENTLEY. HARRIOT was born in 1796 in Maryland and died 20-Aug-1851 and is buried in the Quaker Cemetary in Highland Co. Ohio.

4. BANNER, born 30-May-1754 in Concord, Chester Co. Penn. He was married to ELIZABETH POPS. He, along with GEORGE and CALEB BENTLEY were Patrollers in Leesburg,, Loudon County, Virginia In 1788-1794. He appeared in the 1820 census and the 1830 census of Highland County of Ohio. He bought 23 3/4 acres of land there on 25-Nov-1820 and sold It to CALEB BENTLEY on 6-Feb-1836. The Census Indicated ELISZABETH died between 1820 and 1830. He died about 1840 in Leesburg, Ohio.



b. ELI.


d. ANN.

e. MARY.

5/6. Twins-CALEB & JANE. both died of smallpox on the same day.

7.CALEB #2, born 29-Jan-1762 In Concord, London Grove, Penn. He was a respected clock maker. He was a Minister of ster~of the Gospel for the Quaker Religion. He was named by his Mother, MARY to be a Co-Executor for her estate, he declined on 14-Feb-1799, as he was then living In Montgomery County, Maryland. He married #I- SARAH BROOKE (born 29-Dec-1767 and died 9-Sep-1805) on 26-Mar-1791 in Indian Springs, Maryland. He married #2-HENRIETTA THOMAS, daughter of Samuel and Mary Thomas on 28-Aug-1808 in Sandy Springs, Maryland.


a. MARY THOMAS, born 29-Aug-1808.

b.SARAH BROOKE, born 16-Nov-1814

c. RICHARD THOMAS, born 22-July-1819.

8. JANE #2, born 15-Apr-1762 In Chester County, Penn, Married to THOMAS AGNEW, and died before 1796.


a. REUBON, named in his Grandmother Mary's will.

9. GEORGE, born 19-Nov-1766 In Chester County, Penn. Married UNY ADAMS on 1-may-1794. Vol. #IV of QUAKER Book said she was the daughter of William Chandler and they were married 28-Apr-1804,


VI. BENTLEY, JOSEPH , born 13-June-1769 in Chester County, Penn. He marrried CATHERINE McINTYRE, daughter of Alexander and Jane McIntyre, probably in Loudon County, Virginia, The McIntyre Family had been Inthis area for some time. They were not married In 1788. ALEXANDER McINTYRE made his will an 21-Oct-1788, and it was proven 15-April-1789. He named his children at that time as JOHN, ROBERT, ALEXANDER, DANIEL, CATHERINE, CHARLES, PATRICK, ELIZABETH and WILLIAM.

A portion of his will follows:

"I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, JANE McINTYRE, after payment of just debts ............... the legacies herein mentioned, the whole of the residue of my Estate, both Real and Personal during her Natural Life .... on this express condition, that the profits thereofshall be applied toward her, the said JANE support and the support and.Education of my children until they shall arrive at a suitable age to their being put to such trades as they may make choice of and at that period to be bound out to Such Trades until they arrive at the age of twenty one years and on their arrival at such age respectively, they shall be paid Twenty Pounds each except my son JOHN, who is already of age by my acting Executor, And at the death of my said wife, each of my children as may then have become of age, shall receive a share of my Real Estate as is herein devised to them.....

Fifthly: I give & bequeath to my daughter, CATHERINE M. McINTYRE the House & Lott I purchased of Thomas Polan to be delivered to her whenever she is married, provided she marries with her Mother's consent otherwise at her Mother's death. I also give her two acres of land, part of my Plantation "TUSKORRO", the most contigious to Leesburg to her.but if she dies without issue of her Body, lawfully begotten, the house and lott are returned to my other children, to be divided among them. Also she is to be paid Forty Pounds from her brother, PATRICK, when he comes into possession of my Plantation, "TRENT".

She Is to also receive Thirty Pounds when her brother, WILLIAM comes into possession of "TUSKORRO".

JOSEPH & CATHERINE sold most of this about 1805-1806. JANE McINTYRE was married to SEBASTIAN LOSCH by 1796. He died In April of 1808. It is believed JANE died about 1836 without a Will, and there were court actions at this time In Highland County, Ohio because she had not setup a trust for the children of ALEXANDER McINTYRE. In about 1814 JOSEPH & CATHERINE and and their ton children and BANNER and his family arrived in Highland County, Ohio from Virginia. No doubt they had joined up with the POPE family as they made their move westward from Loudon County Virginia. Special wagons were built to take their belongings over the mountains. Food was provided alongthe way by hunting and fishing. Stock was driven overland and when they came to rivers, barges would be built. The town of Leesburg, Ohio was laid out by James Johnson on March 2, 1814 and no doubt but it was named for their beloved Leesburg, Virginia, BANNER & JOSEPH were both in the poll book In Highland County on 13-OCT-1818. In 1823 there were 18 persons as regular residents and engaged in business in Leesburg and JOSEPH & BANNER were two of these. The tavern kept by JOSEPH BENTLEY was the first in the area. He was issued a license on 6-Mar-1816 "to retail spirits" and renewed each year until his death in 1836, ALEXANDER BENTLEY kept hotel at his fathers old stand until his death in 1866, having been in business In the same location by the same family for more than fifty years. From the "Wills, Administrations, Guardianships and Adoptions of High County, Ohio-(1805-1880)".

"Mar, 16, 1837-KATHERINE BENTLEY and ALEXANDER BENTLEY appointed administrix and administrator of the estate of JOSEPH BENTLEY dece'd:

Surities: John Smith, William Carothers. Appraisers: John Henely, Andrew Johnson, Augustus Brown."

"Mar, 18, 1840-Alexander Bentley appointed Administrator of the estate of CATHERINE BENTLEY, dece'd: Surities John Smith, Thomas Kanady.

Appraisers: Augustus Brown, Jonah Wright, Samuel XeClure".

JOSEPH and CATHERINE are both buried in the Leesburg Ohio Cemetary on a hill just ease of that town.


1. ROBERT, living In Virginia in 1840.

2. MARY POLLY, born in Virginia In 1797. Married SAMUEL POPE, son of Nathaniel and Martha (Overton) Pope. Mary died before the 1860 census.


a. JOHN, born In 1817, married Elizabeth---and moved to Henry County, Iowa.

b. NATHANIEL, boon In 1822.

c. Robert, born in 1826, married Nancy Irwin.

d. ELIZABETH, born 1827, married James Stephen.

e, CHARLES, born 1828. Married Medora--Migrated to Calif. Both are buried at Little Shasta, Calif.

f. VIRGINIA, born 1832, Had at least 4 children and was living in Leesburg, Ohio in 1870.

g. JAMES WALTER, born 1833. Married Eliza Jane Stephenson on 18-Oct-1861 migrated to Calif by wagon train and oxens. He died in March of 1926 and Is buried in Alturas, Calif.

h. SAMUEL, born in 1838.

I. ANNIE, born 1842.

3. JANE, married to BENNET FARR.

4. CALEB, born in Virginia, lived in Indiana in 1840. Dead by 1848.


6. JOSEPH, barn 14-Oct-1809 in Leesburg, Virginia. Married JULLIET DOGGETT on 24-Apr-1824 In Highland County, Ohio. JULLIET born 8-OCT-1817 in Paris, Kentucky and died 29-Oct-1901 In Hillsboro, Ohio. Both are buried In Hillsboro Cem.

7. JOHN. died before 1840.

8. CYRUS, born in Virginia. Lived In Kentucky.

9. ALEXANDER, born in 1803 in Virginia. Married KATHERINE MOXLEY, daughter of William & Jane ( McIntyre Losch) Moxley. Her mother was a half-sister to Catherine McIntyre Bentley.

VII. BENTLEY, CHARLES, born about 1807 In Leesburg, Loudon Bounty, Virginia. Married MARGARET ANN DORSEY on 12-May-1828 in Highland County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Stephen and Rachel (Ewing) Dorsey of Andora, Cecil county, Maryland. CHARLES attended the first school built In Leesburg, the teacher being Catherine Borum. He was the first Mayour elected in Leesburg and served several terms. He was a blacksmith by trade, but the census for 1860 lists him as Postmaster and the 1870 census lists him as Justice of Peace. He served in this office in Leesburg and Samatha, He was Surety Bondsmen in many instances during these years. He was a charter member of the Odd Fellow Lodge, which was chartered on 13-MaY-1858. He died on 23-July-1883 and Is buried In Leesburg, Ohio. MARGARET was born In 1812. In Cecil County, Maryland . Her father Stephen Dorsey was married to Rachel Ewing. He was granted a Patent for "Octoraro Hundred, calleded Spring Garden, from the State of Maryland. He was in the 1790 (unclear in original) census of Cecil County, Md. There was a Will dated In t825, but was unreadable. A Suriety Bond is recorded in the Marylard Records# Anaopolis, MD., recorded 17-Nov-1825 with William & Joshua Dorsey as Administrators. There Is a entry in Highland County, Ohio for:

"Mar- 30-1826-Joel Wright appointed guardian of MARGARET DORSEY, over 12 years of age, heir and legal representative of STEPHEN DORSEY, dece'd. Surities- Jonah Wright and Ell Bentley".

The only explanation of this is surely that MARGARET came to Ohio with ELI P. BENTLEY and his wife., HARRIOT SPRICE BENTLEY after the death of her father, Stephen Dorsey. Frances Taylor came Into possession of my request for information at the Cecil County Courthouse and sent me a great deal of information on the Ewing Family, since she lives in the old Patrick Ewing Home. The DORSEY & EWING Family were very prominent in the area. Stephen and Rachel lived at Millford, where there was a Dorsey Mill. There were three EWING brothers, who came from Londonderry, Ireland in 1725. ALEX married a REBECKAH- JOSHUA, who married JANE and NATHANIEL who married RACHEL. From Nathaniel and Rachel came the ancestors of MARGARET ANN DORSEY.


1. HARRIET, born in 1829 in Leesburg, Ohio. Married 24-May-1849 to PETER D. MATTHEWS.

2. CATHERINE, born in 1832 In Leesburg, Ohio. Married ALPHUS A. ANTRUM on 3-Jan-1854.

3. SARAH R. , born in 1834. Married ELIAS ADAMS on 18-Jan-1856.


5. MATILDA D., born in 1838 in Leesburg, Ohio.

6. JOHN N., born In 1840. Never married. Was in Civil War.

7. RICHARD OTHO, born in 1845.

8. ANN MIRIAH, born in 1848. Married SILAS ALBERT GEORGE on 14-Apr-1869.

9. MARY, born in 1851.

10. CHARLES M., born 12-DEC-1856 in Leesburg, Ohio. Died 17-Dec-1875 at Leesburg, Ohio, Cause of death-Consumption. He was a shoemaker.

VIII. BENTLEY, WILLIAM GAITHER, born 27-Dec-1836 in Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio. He was a Blacksmith by trade, Enlisted in the 27th Reg't of the Ohio Infantry on August 13, 1861 at Greenfield, Ohio. He was described as 24 years old. 6 feet 1 1/2 inches tall. Light complexions brown hair and grey eyes. His Military papers, # 681-592 indicates he was hospitalized on several occasions for different illnesses, He re-enlisted at Prospect, Tenn. on the 25-Deo-1863. He married MARY EMELINE SMITH, daughter of WILLIAM SMITH on 26-Jan-1864 In Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio. He was discharged 11-July-1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Affidavits, when he applied for pension, fromseveral of his Army companions. stated-, " He was a strong man until the tedious March with General Sherman from Atlanta Georgia to Savanah and on to Raliegh, Carolina. The veins in his legs burst and his legs swelled until they were twice or three times theirsize, Sometimes, some of us had to carry him." He applied for a pension In Sedgewick County, Kansas on 19-Dec-1888 and evidently received $12. a month. The Federal Census show he and his Family living in Samantha, Fairfield Twsp, Highland County In 1870. In 1880 they were in Dublin Twsp Mercer County, Ohio. Sometime after this they moved to Kansas and started farming at Baynesville(Rainesville), located In Ohio Twnsp, Sedgewick County, Kansas (specifically, 7 miles north east of Clearwater or 12 miles south west of Wichita). Due to crop failures, they moved into Wichita several years later. WILLIAM started a Blacksmith and Horse Shoeing Shop on West Douglas Street in Wichita,where later the Broadview Hotel stood for many years. On January 8, 1908 he fell from his buggy on South Water Street, at 10:30 in the morning. He died the same day of a stroke or paralysis. He was buried in Highland Cemetary in Section 4-Lot 124-Grave 12.

MARY EMELINE SMITH BENTLEY was born 16-Oct-1839 in Ohio. Her Pension application said, Harlan, Ohio. I have found nothing. She received $30. month pension. She had one brother that I know a- AL SMITH (TOOT). He lived in a little house behind Emeline's and operated a dray wagon. She passed away at 9:30 on the morning of January 26, 1923 at her home. She is buried in Highland Cemetary in Section 4-Lot 123-Grave 4. Burrton II recalls that when she came to Tonkawa Okla. to visit them, It was a great day. The children could hardly wait until they could get home from the train station and see what Surprises she would have in her suitcase. He remembers her as something special.


1. GAITHER M. born 1864 in Highland County, Ohio. Married LIDA (LYDIA). Wichita City Directory lists him as a Blacksmith in 1913; a watchman in 1919 and and both still living in 1920.

2. ALFRED S., born in 1867 in Highland County, Ohio. Married to ETHEL. The City Directory lists him as a Blacksmith in 1913. In 1919 he was still a Blacksmith, but no mention of Ethel and I did not find him in 1920.

3. EDDIE (EDWARD), born In 1869 in Highland County, Ohio. It is believed he left home and might have died early in life.

4, MILTON, born in March of 1871 in Highland County, Ohio. In 1913 he was an Expressman and in 1920 a Driver. In the1900 Census he was living with his Mother on Oak Street between North & South Main. Never married.

5. HARRY, born in 1873 in Highland County, Ohio. Married to MAY F. A Blacksmith through the 1920 Census. He died In1943 and is buried in Highland Cemetary in Section 4-Lot 157-Grave 2. There is a small Iron Anvil as his Marker.



GEORGIANNA, born 11-Mar-1878 in Dublin Twsp, Mercer County, Ohio. She was married to OFFENSTEIN. They had at least two sons , ROSS & HARRY. She was killed by a stray bullet on the streets of Wichita on Halloween Eve.

8. OTTO (OTHO) born in April of 1880 in Dublin Twsp, Mercer County, Ohio. He died 24-Aug-1888 and is buried In Highland Cemetary in Wichita, Kansas. Section 4-Lot 418-Grave 9. There is no marker.


CHARLES N., born in March of 1881 in Ohio. He was living with his mother In 1900, Married to FRANCES, as we always knew her but the grave Marker said she was born in 1885 and her name was KATIE K. They lived in Tonkawa,, Okla. the last years of their life. Both died in 1955 and are buried in the IOOF Cemetary there.

10. DAISY.

DAISY, born March of 1882 in Ohio. Married to a MITCHEL, who was a car painter. later she was married to a Railroad Executive. She had one adopted son. She was alive in 1961.


BENTLEY, EMMA BELL, born 16-OCT-1875 in Ohio. She grew up In Wichita, Kansas, She met BURRTON GLENN WOODRUFF in a downtown laundry. She and Daisy were together. Daisy made the remark that he must be half soldier and half cowboy, because he had on part of his Home Guard uniform and Cowboy boots and hat. After a Courtship, he went to Bliss, Oklahoma to work for THE WETHERSPOON CATTLE COMPANY AND RANCH, later she went to Bliss on the train with Mr. and Mrs. John Swacker and they were married on 13-Oct-1895 in Perry, Oklahoma. After the death of BURRTON, she maintained her home in Tonkawa, Okla. until her death. She died on 11-0ct-1961 in Wynnewood, Garvin County, Okla. and is buried In IOOF Cemetary at Tonkawa, Oklahoma

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