I will present to you what I have found and come to believe Is a glance into another side of your ancestory. Again I have many people to thank for their generosity and sharing. The many persons in Courthouses, Libraries Historical Societies and friends I have made during my search. Most of all, my Family for encouraging me to continue when I felt it was hopeless.

BENTLEY Is a proud name. The name In England is taken from "bent" and "lay", meaning cultivated ground. There is a Parish in the Deanery of Dorcestor in the south part of Yorkshire England called BENTLEY. I believe the origin of our family was Bentley Hall in Staffordshire England.

I offer you two views of the entry of WILLIAM BENTLEY into America.

GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY-THE FIRST SETTLERS of NEW England by James - SAVAGE says "WILLIAM BENTLEY was a passenger to Boston in 1635, aged 47 Years on -the ship TRUELOVE and that he arrived with JOHN, aged 17 years and ALICE aged 15 years, perhaps his children".

Mr. Bill Bentley of Chanute Kansas recently sent me a sketch of his research and he says "WILLIAM BENTLEY was a new planter, who came to America at his own expense on the JACOB In 16240. That he received fifty acres of land in the Corporation of Elizabeth New Jersey on 1-December-1624."

Perhaps it was the same WILLIAM BENTLEY that came on the JACOB in 1624 and returned to England for his family and arrived with them In 1635 on the TRUELOVE.

There are land deeds to Indicate there was a WILLIAM Bentley, who died in Kingston, Rhode Island in 1691 and had heirs of John, ALICE, MARY, JAMES, THOMAS, and WILLIAM,

Helen Woodruff

(Mrs. Burrton Woodruff)