My desire to know about my German Ancestory has led into an interesting search, where I have met so many people, who have helped in many ways. Some are relatives, others have become very dear and giving friends. My thanks go out to each and everyone of them.

Credit for my interest must surely go to Laurie Gail Schler of Boonville, Missouri. She had searched for material on her side of the BACK FAMILY for sometime. Records on other BACKS continued to turn up until she became interested in our family. She was very generous and always helpful.

The mystery of the spelling BACH or BACK was solved with a letter from the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde of Rettert, West Germany.

"We have all records about the BACK Family, This Family was, and still is BACK".

From the Archives in Wiesbaden, West Germany.

"At Rettert, JOHANN BACK appears in 1648, After that JOHANNES BACK 1677-1694."

Later GEORGE FRIEDRICH BACK 1759-1768 and JOHANN PETER BACK Mayors (Schultheissen) of the village of Rettert in the area of Nassau (Nassauische).

There were eleven BACK families in Boonville, Missouri in the 1850's. All gave their birthplace as Rettert, Nassau, Germany. I can only assume they were in some way related. All belonged to the German Evangelical Church and many were Sponsors for Christenings and Witnesses at Weddings in each others families. The families arrived in Boonville, Missouri from about 1845 through 1858. The Port of Entry for most was New Orleans, Louisiana. They would travel up the Mississippi River to St. Louis and then the Missouri River to Boonville.

The Evangelische Kirchengengemeinde in the village of Rettert sent record that I will base the following BACK Ancestory on.

Helen Stone Woodruff